The World Tarot Card

The World tarot card is a happy feeling card showing a smiling figure in the middle of a laurel wreath, the wreath being a traditional reward given to winners. She holds two batons, one in each hand, and is swathed in a ribbon of fabric. In the four corners of this card are the head of a man, the head of a bull, the head of a lion, and the head of an eagle. Each of these signifies a physical element of the Earth- the man is air, the bull is earth, the lion is fire, and the eagle is water. (These symbols are also used in the Wheel Of Fortune.)

The World Tarot Card Meanings- Completion, success, perfection, wholeness, voyage, change of place, belonging, consolidation, merging, connectivity, accomplishment or satisfaction.

The World tarot card is the finale of the Major Arcana. It can signify travel or voyages (both physical and emotional/spiritual), endless opportunities, and the completion of an event or period of life. In particular, it can be the conclusion of challenges, struggles, and difficulties in your life. It can be the achievement of a milestone like graduation, marriage, having children, or opening a business. This card implies that you will be very happy with your accomplishments and celebrate your achievements.

The World Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The World Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- If you are in a relationship this tarot card signifies that you have attained the goal you’ve been aspiring to reach. It reflects a happy and committed relationship where you are both working towards, and achieving, your goals as a couple. For single people, do not feel discouraged. Now is the time to get out and meet new people; you’ll have many options to choose from. This is a good time for you to find “the one.” Good things are bound to happen with respect to romantic relationships.

Money & Career- The stress and uncertainty when you were still starting up are gradually fading. The dreams you’ve been aiming for are getting closer. In fact, this card is usually the one that comes up when you’re just about to meet a goal. Knowing this might allow you to relax for a bit. You’ve worked extremely hard up to this point and now the time has come to reap the rewards. Security in both your career and finances is what The World tarot card shows.

Health & Wellness- The World tarot card presents a positive omen with respect to health and wellness. If you are suffering from a health condition remain optimistic and do not lose hope. You are about to experience healing and recovery and will be able to shut the chapter on your illness.

Spirituality- In the context of spirituality, this card indicates a better understanding of yourself. Understanding your inner self better will lead to acknowledgment of spiritual fulfillment and you will feel completely in line with your spirit. It’s a marvelous experience and you’ve earned it, so revel in it.

The Reversed World Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The World Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Stagnation, permanence, lack of achievement, burden, failure, obstacles, unfinished, unresolved, boredom, insecurity, and exhaustion.

The Word tarot card may signify a feeling of being stuck in an area in your life. This feeling of stagnation burdens you. If you’ve done everything you can and it still received unfavorable results it’s time to just face it and accept that “it is what it is”. It will save you the time and heartache from overthinking what might have gone wrong. Instead you’ll be free to think of other means to achieve your goal. Reversed, The World tarot card still indicates finality and resolution and it in many cases it encourages us to accept what we cannot change and invest our energy elsewhere. The reverse also shows unfinished projects will weigh on your mind and hinder you from moving on so if they cannot be completed it’s time to release them and move on.

Love & Relationships- Quiet, still, and stagnant. These words describe your relationship currently. Is a quiet relationship a bad relationship? Not at all! But if you’re looking to grow as a person and you’re finding yourself stuck because of your partner, or if your relationship feels stagnant, this card is encouraging you to be open about it and invest your energy in changing it, Open and honest communication will help in getting you back on track. If you are single your relationship outcomes depends on whether or not you are also allowing people to enter your life. You must get out and meet people. And hey, with all the online options nowadays, a simple “hi” is only a click away.

Money & Career- The World tarot card drawn upside down could mean you fell short of what you wanted to achieve financially. In many cases it can point to complacency and simply ignoring your finances which allowed them to get out of control. This obstacle is one you can overcome, though. In the end, you will dictate what happens in your life with this issue. In fact, one of the best ways to get out of the financial rut you’re in is to mix it up a little and try a different investment strategy. Even if you only do it for the novelty, the thrill will bump you back into actively managing your finances.

Health & Wellness- You might not be happy with your health condition. And in fact, it could simply boil down to you continuing to do things a certain way and not getting the results you want. It’s difficult to break out a habit but these behaviors are not helping you. They are hurting you. If you keep going to a doctor who dismisses your concerns it’s time to find a new doctor. If you keep trying the same diet and failing it’s time to try a new one. If you keep making excuses not to exercise it’s time to stop. The reversed World tarot card forces us to look at our feelings of stagnation and obstacles to our failures.

Spirituality- Even spiritually, the reversed World tarot card shows your spiritual connection is stagnant. What are the obstacles in your way to enlightenment? Not enough time in the day? Can’t quiet your mind enough for meditation? Loss of your belief system? Simple exhaustion from your daily “to do” list? Whatever it is you’re in control of the factors causing it and with just a couple small adjustments you’ll be able to resolve these bumps in the road and get back on your spiritual journey.

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