Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card shows a round image that looks like a compass surrounded by four figures- an angel, a winged lion, an eagle, and winged bull. Each of these corresponds to the four elements and the four fixed signs. The angel is Aquarius and air. The winged lion is Leo and fire. The eagle is Scorpio and water. The winged bull is Taurus and earth. Consider this wheel the “wheel of life” and pointing to birth, life, death, and rebirth in the physical, the karmic, and the psychic sense. The image of a wheel reflects continuous change, so it could mean you’ll be saying hello to better days or you’ll have to bid goodbye to luck and rely on hard work!

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings- Uncertainty, unpredictability, a significant change, a turning point, revelation of destiny, cycle of life, good luck, opportunity, growth or chance.

In general, the Wheel of Fortune tarot card means that a great opportunity is about to happen to you. Alternatively, it might be wise to prepare for a sudden twist to your current situation. You might think this sounds pretty confusing. Well, yes, it can be, but the outlook of this card primarily depends on where you are at during your reading. If you are at the top of your game, beware, because the Wheel of Fortune tarot card shows that you may hit rock bottom at any time. Remember, the twists are sudden with this one. Otherwise, you’ll love the good news this tarot card brings.

The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- This tarot card points out how cyclical romance can be. It means that your romantic relationship with someone may turn sour or it might need some serious actions taken to keep it moving in a positive direction. It does not necessarily suggest an end but effort must be exerted in order to make things work in the long term. Are you single? Dive into your feelings and deepest desires and focus on setting your mind to the ideal person you’d like to meet. This is your chance. The universe is listening to your wish list! Go out and embrace your opportunities for love.

Money & Career- When the Wheel of Fortune tarot card is in the upright position there is a big chance you will quit your present job regardless of how comfortable it is and how good it pays. Choose to be happy and the money will follow. If it leads you into realizing a childhood dream, or your heart desires that you venture into something different, be brave and ask for help. Do not be discouraged as it is highly unlikely that you will be turned down. A word of warning- if you are already blessed abundantly this is a sign that you may go through a financial dilemma. Take this card to mean that whatever your current state you can expect it to change on a dime.

Health & Wellness- If you take comfort in things being constant this card and the coming changes it predicts may have a negative affect on your health. You must learn how to handle stress and be strong, healthy, and positive in dealing with life’s challenges. Eat nutritious food, commit to regular exercise, and have periods of complete rest. A good night's sleep is just the ticket! Occasional massages will be a great help, too, in releasing any trapped stress. Be optimistic. Optimistic reflection and meditation will help you sustain positivity, blessings, and wealth in your life.

Spirituality- This tarot card may reveal an entire new chapter to the book of your life. Decided to accept life as it comes is a good decision. However, as a natural part of the journey, adversity may exist. This is a reminder to strengthen your spiritual foundation in order to prevent yourself from falling into a pessimistic mindset. Bear in mind that this is just a phase. Things will unceasingly change and you will be in a better position once again.

The Reversed Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Unlucky, unfavorable changes, the difficult inevitable, trying times, back to the beginning, starting over, or a chance to renew.

Many aspects of life are beyond your control. You may experience happiness and disappointments at every turn of the wheel, but it continues to turn without ceasing. As a reverse tarot card, the Wheel of Fortune will teach you life’s lessons whether or not you’re ready. Your first reaction may be to try and avoid these lessons, but trust the cards that by accepting what is to come and treating it as a learning experience you’ll come out the other side stronger and with deeper appreciation for your coping skills.

Love & Relationships- The Wheel of Fortune tarot card in reverse depicts a relationship that needs to be pondered on. Stay or let go? You’ll definitely have to choose. In fact, in situations like this you need to make the first move or someone else will make it for you. The wheel always turns so this is not a time of standing still. Change will occur. Assess your feelings towards your lover, check your line of communication with them, and decide whether you still want to be in the relationship or if you want to break free. If you are not committed and still looking for love this tarot card in its upright position works the same as its reverse. That is, focus on your potential mate and keep an eye out because they will cross your path.

Money & Career- There is a high probability that you will change your career path. This can manifest by quitting your job to chase your dreams or because you’ve become bored with the monotony of your current position and need something new. In reverse, The Wheel of Fortune tarot card will turn your finances upside down. Your struggles will ease and better days are coming. If your life has been fruitful it is wise to save and spend carefully because money will no longer come easily in the near future.

Health & Wellness- Practice acceptance. When you find peace in accepting the changes you will have the drive to endure until this phase of life ceases and better things come. Having the peace of mind to accept what is your reality will make it easier to visit the doctor for the check-up you’ve been putting off (the good news is it’s almost never as bad as you think it’ll be). It will also help you deal with any longstanding health issues, which by being proactive and accepting of them, you may find your health improving due to your positive efforts.

Spirituality- The Wheel of Fortune tarot card involves spiritual awakenings and progress. When reversed it can signal a sudden change of spiritual patterns in your life. When this happens remember that change is constant and a hint of positivity and/or gratitude as you move throughout your day will keep your spiritual awakening strong.

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