Tarot Card Reading

Most people have a specific idea in mind about receiving a tarot card reading. Usually it involves a small room with a table, a reader, and metaphysical things like a crystal ball or other talismans. This is definitely a cliché view, but if you've never had a reading how would you know what to expect?

Tarot card reading with 3 cards which show the 9 of swords, the heirophant, and the ten of pentacles.

Instead, let's bring tarot card reading into the 21st century and make it comfortable!

How about opening your email and finding your reading waiting for you to peruse at your leisure as you eat lunch, or ride the bus, or wait for your child to finish their after school activities?

Instead of making time to go get a tarot card reading the modern approach is to make life easy for yourself. Have your tarot card reading delivered automatically! Mark it off your to-do list and use that time for something else.

We've made it simple and straightforward for you to check in with your higher power on a monthly basis.

Here's how Tarotastic combines current technology with the ancient wisdom of tarot cards:

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Easy peasy!

Wouldn't it feel comforting to have a little insight from the “powers that be” even if you don't have a particular question or struggle you're dealing with? Something to say “yes, you're going the right way, keep doing life the way you are” or to warn about pitfalls that will cross your path? I know I felt that way for many years. After I began reading tarot I found a new sense of peace and, often, direction. That is the feeling I'd like you to experience, month after month.

Why Do You Need My Zodiac Sign?

Great question! Tarot cards are closely intertwined with astrology and each sign corresponds to particular symbolism on the cards. Like a horoscope, these readings are tailored to your specific zodiac personality and what is going on in the larger metaphysical world at the moment. They give you a broad picture of what's to come in the next few weeks and act as your roadmap.

If you read your daily horoscope you also need to read your monthly tarot outlook. It pays to be prepared (and it costs less than you think. Do you have $.50 a day to spare? Great! Because it doesn't even cost that much.).

Does Each Sign Get A Unique Tarot Card Reading?

Yep! Every reading is personal because the cards have specific things to say to each sign. There is no reason to use the same cards for all 12 readings; the meaningfulness wouldn't be there and it would be a waste of time.

And no one here has time to waste, right?

Here's a sample tarot card reading to show what you'll get every month:

Aquarius - January 2020

Two of Wands

Eight of Wands

Eight of Cups

Two of Cups

Nine of Wands

This tarot card reading contains a rather interesting spread because it focuses strongly on emotions and passions. As you know, this is your time of the zodiac with the sun entering Aquarius on January 20, and the new moon will be in Aquarius from January 24-26 (roughly).

As we come out of Capricorn, with its lack of passion and curb on creative spirits, the cards are showing a renewal of romantic and artistic energy as we enter Aquarius' realm. How appropriate that this tarot card reading is showing cards which are doubling down on this change and really emphasizing a core strength of yours, Aquarius- creativity.

The Two of Wands starts the month off. Our figure is looking back, away from the coming month, so if your attention is drawn to something in the past, even in just the last few weeks, accept it and get ready to move into the future. The wistful stare of our man, looking at what was, or even might have been, is not the direction for you, Aquarius. Our man is stuck, between two staffs, which represent the barriers to moving or turning to a new direction. The upside is only one staff is fixed to the wall. This means you have probably encountered something that cannot be changed and feel trapped by the fact you can't have a do-over or make the meaningful changes you would like. The other staff remains free, gripped in the left hand (the left hand represents creativity and the right represents logic), and from the tiny green growths visible you have the potential to wield your creative spirit to greater things in this dawning of Aquarius. Wands are synonymous with fire, with passion, with drive and primal instincts. You have the power of your creative energy just waiting to burst forth...

Which leads me into the Eight of Wands. The theme of creativity, artistic expression, and passion continues with this much stronger card (eight being more powerful than two). The funny thing is, many people say, “oh, the eight of wands is such a boring card. What can you possibly tell from it?” I don't see it that way. I rather like this card because it shows movement. It shows direction. See how every staff is clearly pointing towards the future? As the month progresses you will find your creativity, or your passions, simply ignited like dry kindling wood. At surface level it appears you'll quadruple your energies but in reality it can be so much more. Every staff is pointing the same direction letting your energy compound and grow stronger. Notice how there are so many more leaves on each staff than on the Two? More room for growth. More room for opportunity. More potential. Quite frankly, this is a good month for you where your passions are concerned.

Your passions can be for the things you amuse yourself with or that you can't wait to get started on. The things you would do even for free. The burning desires in your soul that make you a unique and special spirit. Indeed, these are often the form of positive energy you put into the world. And you know how good it feels when you're doing something that honors your authenticity? Well, get ready to have that feeling magnified. It's going to be great!

Five card tarot reading with the two of wands, the eight of wands, the eight of cups, the two of cups and the nine of wands.

As we hit the middle of the month it appears some of the fire has been diluted into steam with the heavy Eight of Cups. The first thing to notice is it appears our character is walking away from the cups. Don't take this at face value, though, because you'll see it play out marvelously in the next card. The cups are representing emotions. As one knows, emotions can be quite passionate and fraught with tension and distress. Sometimes walking away is the best course of action. Within this reading I see that you'll likely run into a bit of an emotional wall, with the cups preventing you from taking your first choice (or even the only visible) path. You have no option but to change course and, by the looks of it, traverse over some uneven territory. It may look like a much more difficult path but your desires are still burning deep inside you and propelling you onward.

Here's a tip: it is not a race. If you are making even one step of progress a day you are still moving forward. Your fixed sign, Aquarius, is not one that likes last-minute changes. You're more comfortable in your routine. Keep in mind yours is the sign of the water-bearer. This card, which is quite heavy with water, is actually in your wheelhouse. Play to your strengths and let your creativity be the map maker in this instance. You are an adept out-of-the-box thinker so don't let this temporary path blockage dampen your instincts to find a creative solution. Once you do, you'll be headed towards good things.

Moving on to the next card...

Well, what did I tell you earlier in this tarot card reading? You trusted yourself and your innate ability to think of a creative solution and play to your strengths. You continue to feed that inner flame that drives you and look where it gets you! To the Two of Cups! This card is cause for celebration, rest, and restoration. You've come down off the high emotions of the Eight and things are settling back into stasis. Rather than fight a block you figured a creative way around it and now you get to reap the rewards.

Near the end of the month, on January 24, the moon will enter Aquarius and here is where you will see a doubling of all the energy of your sign. You will be protected by the heavens while living relatively carefree and in the company of those who lift you up, support you, and help you feel at most in your element. The emotional turmoil will have calmed significantly and the emotions you'll be feeling at this point are happiness, contentment, relief, and harmony. Enjoy this time and don't feel guilty. You earned it.

Finally, as the month winds down and we're looking into February you will encounter the Nine of Wands. It's been a passion-driven month for you and will end on the note of a battle well-fought. You might have taken a little damage, especially emotionally, but you have survived intact. On top of that, look how your staffs have grown! You've got a veritable wall around you from them. You have managed your inner passions so well they have expanded and now take up the majority of the card. This tarot card reading shows there is still plenty of room left for growth, as noted by the little green leaves, and that is good news for you.

I know at first glance this card may seem like a bad card. It looks like the character went through something really tough and got a bit banged up for his efforts. In the context of your reading, what I see is you is looking towards the success and rest promised by the Two of Cups, and keeping your focus there. Your passions at this point will be stronger than they were a few months ago, and due to your unexpected detour earlier in the month you are able to relax because you know just how hard you worked to get there.

Let this feeling guide you. Once you reach your destination, so to speak, and you're feeling less emotionally frazzled and more at peace, be aware of how much stronger you have gotten in the process. Do not let  pain overshadow your success. Keeping your attention on what matters, the positive outcome, is the balm for your weary soul. And after a bit of time, you will feel restored and will find all these staffs you have earned to be your defense against negative or stressful things.

In summary: You are resilient. You are strong. You are creative and passionate and those traits are driving you forward through life, providing you with solutions no one else can see. By honoring them you are being your most authentic and powerful self.

Disclaimer: Please note all tarot card readings are for entertainment purposes only. No medical, financial, or lottery advice will be provided. By purchasing this service you agree you are 18 years of age or older. All sales are final.

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