The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower tarot card displays a picture of a tower on top of a mountain with dark clouds surrounding it. A large lightning bolt  has broken the tower apart, knocking aside the crown perched at the apex. Fire is raining from the sky and setting the tower alight. Distressed people are falling, or jumping, out of the tower, one who wears a crown and one who does not.

The Tower Tarot Card Meanings- Failure, destruction, trauma, chaos, misery, distress, disaster, adversity, turmoil, crisis, deception, disappointment, and confusion.

On the physical aspect this image shows darkness and devastation. It might show a better image compared to both The Devil and Death tarot cards but this tarot card is that also brings unfortunate news. The Tower tarot card may predict tragic or life-threatening situations that can shatter your dreams, your material goods and wealth, your current plans and goals, and even your relationships. It does not always pertain to tragedy but generally destruction follows The Tower in a reading.

Compare it to a building built on a weak foundation; the weak foundation for life can be unrealistic goals and dreams, falsity or dishonesty.  Eventually destruction and disaster will follow when the foundation fails and the building falls. An encounter with this card should serve as a warning for you to be alert, stay strong, and watch out for possible danger.

The Tower Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The Tower Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- In love and relationships this card could mean a bad omen of heartaches or break-ups. It represents a difficult event that can cause relationships to end such as affairs coming to light or other events which break trust. The downfall is probably traceable to broken trust, deceit, or unhealthy relationship behaviors. The Tower may also signify abuse or violence so make sure that you are mindful of your safety and security. A sense of abandonment may accompany this card for both those single and those in relationships.

Money & Career- In the context of money and financial stability The Tower tarot card can show possible job loss or  uncertainty in business. It can also indicate economic struggles are coming, some larger than your own finances, and to prepare for them. This card can also be particularly specific towards people with dangerous professions such as firefighters, military personnel, and police officers.

Health & Wellness- The Tower tarot card shows an impending health issue or an imminent accident is bound to happen. Even if you’re feeling well take the warning this card provides and put your health first. Often there are small problems at work beneath the surface which if allowed to grow cause major issues, just like the faulty building foundation. Unfortunately, the destruction indicated by this tarot card shows an inevitable change that will cause you to experience a hardship or difficulty.

Spirituality- Contrary to what the image portrays your spiritual path may be stronger during these trying times. Although your heart may be filled with sadness, sorrow, anger or grief, your desire to spiritually connect and ask for guidance and help will open the door to a stronger spiritual foundation. This is one of the most positive foresights of The Tower tarot card, so if this is you, take heart.

The Reversed Tower Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The Tower Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Oppression, imprisonment, tyranny, limited freedom, injustice, delaying destruction, resistance, averting disaster, or avoiding loss.

The reverse of this tarot card can almost be worse than the upright in that at this point the crisis coming your way cannot be stopped no matter what you do. You are going to have to accept that life is very difficult through this change but you do have some time to prepare for it. Ever heard the term “gird your loins”? It means put on your armor and prepare for battle.

Love & Relationships- In reverse, The Tower tarot card shows that you will help yourself by accepting the end of your relationship. When you start to move on you can begin rebuilding your life. You know that your relationship has come to its end. The best way to cope with this tragedy is for you to muster the courage to leave the past behind and deal with pain until it wears out. Let time heal you and learn from the experience you’ve been through.

Money & Career- Well, the bad news is your job or income is being threatened. The good news is you’re handling it quite well, all things considered. These are difficult times for you but you’re finding the strength to either change things from within your current position or to dust off your resume and start looking for greener pastures.

Health & Wellness- Are you the person who figures you’ll wait out the symptoms because what will a doctor tell you anyway? “Take an aspirin and lie down”? This is not the time for that option. Whatever is bothering you is not a “wait and see” issue. The Tower, when reversed, allows you time to avert disaster. The health issue will still exist but you’ll have caught and treated it before it got critical.

Spirituality- The Tower tarot card is a reminder that failure is an important part of life. It isn’t reasonable to expect to avoid all tragedy, all devastation, all pain and suffering. We are human and humans have a tough road sometimes. What The Tower does remind us is that these circumstances always beget change and change is where you’ll see growth. Trust that there’s always a rainbow after the rain.

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