The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun tarot card exemplifies warmth with a large sun taking up at least half the card with its rays extending out to the borders. Cheery sunflowers stand in a row atop a brick garden wall. In front of the wall stands a grey horse with a jubilant cherub on its back. The cherub is smiling with its arms and legs outstretched in joy and wears a crown of summer flowers in its hair. In the cherub’s left hand is a majestic red flag, swirling around the pair.

The Sun Tarot Card Meanings- Fun, joy, warmth, positivity, vitality, achievement, success, enlightenment, greatness, confidence, happiness, contentment, and empowerment.

The Sun tarot card presents a picture of positivity and golden opportunities. It depicts tremendous prosperity and everything helpful and encouraging. It is one of the few cards which even in its reverse signifies blessings. This card is known to evoke happy vibes and this will bring joy and fun to everyone around you. They will be attracted to your upbeat attitude and the warm way in which you receive them into your personal circle.

Though you may be facing some problems right now The Sun tarot card will lighten the load or in some cases provide a solution to the issue. It is akin to good luck so get ready for travel, prizes, rewards, and everything pleasant.

The Sun Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The Sun Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- If you want pure bliss, happiness, and great joy in your relationship, this tarot card is what you need. It signifies you will experience passion and love unparalleled during this period. As the sun shines in your life you will be at the center of everything good.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not get hurt, though. Unfortunately, even people we think we know inside and out can be hiding a different personality. However, if this is what you’re going through The Sun will bring openness and honesty. Whether you choose to stay and work things out, or go and start fresh, this will be a clear decision. Additionally, remember that with this card everything is working out for your best interest so have faith you’re making the choice that will bring you better things in the future.

Money & Career- Get ready to watch your success multiply! For job hunters, you are getting to your goal so hang on. Stability in work, new opportunities, and promotions are just around the corner for those already employed. You will accomplish a lot and you will experience progress in a lot of areas in your life; business ventures, settling debts, investments and other income generating activities you’ve been into. The Sun tarot card says your finances will not be a problem.

Health & Wellness- This is the best time to enjoy life and focus on relaxation and family bonding. Money is not an issue for you so travel as much as you like and savor the positivity in your life at the moment. Your attitude towards life is very positive and is the perfect time to have a baby. Embrace the sunshine and the beauty of living life with your health at its peak.

Spirituality- Positivity extends even to your spiritual state. This could mean discovery of happiness even in the context of spirituality. There is a sense of contentment and complete trust that the universe will bring about good things for you. This also signifies enlightenment, the ultimate goal, after having surpassed all the challenges and trials that came your way. Take a moment to feel gratitude for all the good the universe has brought you.

The Reversed Sun Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The Sun Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Depression, little joy, partial success, failure, uncertainty, unhappiness, loneliness, sorrow, lack of energy, disrespect, disagreements, misunderstanding, and despair.

Pessimism fills the air when The Sun tarot card is inverted. It doesn’t mean that all the positivity of the upright will be entirely reversed, however. What it can mean is that you are open to the feeling of sadness and negativity. Instead of experiencing excitement and joy you tend to feel a lack of enthusiasm and your days are mostly gloomy even though everything around you seems to be going well. The fact is, when The Sun is reversed you may actually be feeling an exaggeration of everything good associated with the card upright- instead of confidence you’ll be feeling overconfident or even arrogant, instead of feeling you are empowered you’ll feel power-hungry, instead of feeling successful you’ll feel invincible- and these things don’t usually lead to happiness which is why even though you look the picture of success you’re not feeling in tune with it at all.

Love & Relationships- In relationships The Sun tarot card is always a sign of luck when upright but that meaning carries over when it’s inverted also. It’s generally called a “lucky break” when something happens that is for your best benefit and in this case the card can lead to a break up of a less than healthy relationship. It may also indicate a lack of connection or no spark between couples. If you are single beware of your overconfidence. You may be pushing away the people who love you with your attitude.

Money & Career- This is what’s best in drawing The Sun, whether in its upright or reverse. You will have no problem with the flow of money into your pockets. In its reverse, however, setting up unrealistic career goals may drain you and waste your efforts. With an overconfident attitude, even if you are financially stable, you may still face monetary problems. Being too confident and competitive can lead to making poor decisions because you’re relying on your emotions, not your logic, and you’ll find your investments or businesses fail. The good thing is while this may be what you’re struggling with you can combat it by being aware of your tendency to think you can’t fail and take a moment to fairly assess the situation.

Health & Wellness- Health issues may arise due to your negative perception of things. Overthinking can take its toll not only on your mental condition but on your physical health too. If you’re already struggling with an illness being patient and proactive is the best option. The main issue with the reversed card is a pervasive feeling of pessimism. You’ll find that even though it doesn’t feel easy, by trying to be positive and hopeful you will recover faster.

Spirituality- The Sun tarot card in terms of spiritual growth will often indicate spiritual struggles when reversed. You might feel confused when it comes to your spiritual path and you might lose faith that the universe is tuned into you, or you to it. Are you feeling  it won’t bring you something good? That maybe the higher self doesn’t exist and all your effort for enlightenment is a waste? The negativity that overwhelms you blocks your connection to your inner self. Let go of this outlook, remember you are a wonderful and divine being, and you’ll feel the shift.

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