How Can A Tarot Reading Help Me?

In truth, how can a tarot reading not help you?

When you need answers and insight into life, turning to ancient wisdom is a smart choice. It feels natural, doesn't it?

We make tarot a natural and integral part of your life. You'll wonder how you lived so long without it.

Tarot is a fantastic way of connecting with your inner-wisdom. Every human has intuition; it's simply up to you to use it or not. And because you're here, it's clear you're ready to take the next step.

Now you can empower yourself with the tools to create the life you want to live.

But let's answer your first question: "how can tarot help me?"

Three tarot cards displayed during a tarot reading.

Tarot Readings Help Solve Problems

We all have questions in life.

We all have uncertainties.

We all have had to choose between two options.

We all have conflicting feelings when making decisions.

We all have been confronted with difficult situations.

For all these reasons, and so many more, tarot can help you.

Think of the cards as a tool.

They are a tool to help you reframe your situation.

Reframing means learning to "think sideways". To change your perspective.

In terms of mental health, reframing is used by professionals to teach their patients to become aware of their current thought processes, beliefs, and coping behaviors which are harmful or do not serve them. By learning awareness of these behaviors and thoughts patients can stop them, and learn new, healthy behaviors in order to reduce anxiety, avoidance, and pessimism.

At Tarotastic, we use reframing to help you see a bigger picture to your current situation. The tarot shows what's going on not only with you, but outside of you, and effects your decisions can have.

Here's an example: when a child feels unwell the only way you can give them the right medicine is when you know what they're actually sick with. Just knowing they don't feel good leaves a lot of trial-and-error for you!

If you know they have a stomachache, an ear infection, a cold, or a fever you can give them the right medicine and they'll start feeling better.

That's how tarot works. By having more information about your problem, the big picture so to speak, you can make better decisions.

Life is easier when you're actually in control.

Tarot Readings For Insight

Remember we were talking about the big picture before?

Insight is the opposite of that.

It's the skill of looking inwards and taking your own strengths and talents, as well as your weaknesses, into account.

Playing to your strengths makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Fighting your weaknesses makes life difficult and overwhelming.

How do you make the most of your time and effort?

Tarot can help you improve your insight and belief in yourself.

A Tarotastic tarot reading provides thoughtful, deeply personal, and intuitive answers. You can expect the advice you get here to help you understand more about who you are, deep inside. You'll learn how to identify and trust your inner-wisdom to guide you.

When you understand how your unique self (insight) fits into the greater story of the world around you (reframing) you'll nearly have a magic formula to make life exactly what you want it to be.

Who doesn't want to be successful, happy, and content?

Tarot Readings For Peace

Sometimes, you've done all you can do. How do you know, though? How do you know it's time to let it go?

Those worries keep us all up at night.

Is there something else I could have done?

Did I say the right or wrong thing?

I should have known better.

You know how this list goes. And you also know it doesn't do anything except cause you to lose sleep and worry.

A tarot card reading can bring you peace of mind when you see the bigger picture and have more understanding what is going on.

When you realize that there really was nothing else you could have done, you can let it go.

When you know they really meant it when they said they weren't offended, you can move on.

When you accept that sometimes "these things happen", you can give yourself permission to relax.

Let's be honest. Peace is priceless. You deserve it.

You Don't Have To Do It All Today

Life is more complex than we realize. Having more information is always better. It allows you to make better decisions and be confident in those decisions.

This is a journey you've already started on. And like all journeys it's the trip, not the destination, that is valuable.

Stay awhile and browse the site. Read up on the cards you find interesting. You don't have to learn it all today, but every step forward is progress.

Certain cards and readings will catch your attention (that's your intuition speaking to you!) and it's up to you to listen.

You might discover the magical feeling of seeing clearly is really tough to live without...