About Tarotastic


I'm sure you're wondering who, exactly, will be doing your readings and what their qualifications are.

My name is Birdie and I've been successfully reading tarot since 2010. I started reading for friends and family, and over time I've accumulated professional clients. After all these years the timing just seemed right to make the move and start doing it full time!

Are You A Real Person?

You bet I am! With all the automation and technology today, I can understand your worry about getting a bot reading. I am a real person, and I do all my readings by hand. I don't use software, I don't use randomizers, and I don't use other readers. These readings come straight from my intuition to your inbox.

What Deck Do You Use?

Great question! There are thousands of beautiful decks out there, and while I have many I consider beautiful and artistically inspired, I stick to the original 1909 Rider-Waite for my professional readings. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. The deck speaks to me more clearly and my readings are more intuitive.
  2. There is symbolism I find especially compelling & helpful in readings.
  3. It's the deck most widely shown online so you can research on your own what the symbols and meanings are if you'd like to learn more.

What Makes Your Readings Unique?

I give full, in-depth readings of at least three cards, more often five. I don't do single card readings. Those create more questions than answers, and if you're receiving a reading from me I intend for you to walk away with more information than you came in with.

I tell you the story the cards are showing. There is no boring “this card means xyz” description here. I show you how the cards work together to form a whole picture and then I interpret what it means for you.

These are “big picture” readings so be prepared for shifts in your life. I give you the tools, through tarot, to discover your own inner strengths and abilities in order to change your reality.

Discover Your Past, Present, And Future!

With tarot you'll get to peek into parts of your life, your spirit, and the world beyond what you can see. I encourage you to explore, to learn more, and to allow yourself the freedom to accept change and reclaim ownership of your life.

I wish you the very best and thank you again for visiting Tarotastic!