The Devil Tarot Card

The Devil tarot card shows a half human-half goat creature with bat wings and legs of a bird of prey perched on top of a stone block. Chained to this block are two naked human demons, one male and one female. The female demon’s tail ends in a bunch of grapes evidencing earthly materialism. The male demon’s tail ends in a flame lit by the devil's torch indicating emotional lusts and desires. Their chains are rather loose around their necks so perhaps they can escape and are only submitting to the devil’s control voluntarily. A reversed pentagram floats above the devil’s head as the crowning touch that this card is no bringer of good things.

The Devil Tarot Card Meanings- Sexual temptation, vices, lust, obsession, sin, passion, cheating, slavery, inhibition, dependence, addiction, materialism, abuse, violence, ignorance, fatality, and taboo subjects.

When this card comes up it is often in reference to a person searching for absolute control, often to the injury of other people emotionally, physically, financially, or sexually. They will exploit their strength and other’s weaknesses with enjoyment in search of power and exercising their control. In less dramatic scenes it can represent a person who is willing to achieve their goals at all costs- abandoned family, friends, good judgment, and moral directions in order to “win”. Interestingly, they may also be slaves to their desires and at some points feel their life is out of their hands and is controlled by some unseen force. The Devil tarot card does not bring good news but be comforted it does not signify absolute evil. It often highlights the human condition to be selfish, crave power, money & sex, and the addictive personality.

The Devil Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The Devil Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- If you are looking for love don’t confuse love with lust. When this card comes up it indicates the primal lust drive and in extreme cases that if you are not getting what you’re lusting for you may resort to aggressive measures or even violence. Do Not Be Tempted To Do So. The Devil tarot card reveals that you, or someone you love, might be able to commit actions you never thought possible. Are you in a relationship? This card speaks pretty plainly that you may be suffering in bondage, or keeping someone chained to you, for abusive or selfish reasons. Maybe for something as simple as regular sex, not that it’s satisfactory sex. Not a good look so take a second to reflect. The Devil tarot card can signify deception, jealousy, cheating, sexual assault or violence so practice wisdom in matters of the heart (& groin) because your choice may lead to potential harm.

Money & Career- Do you feel like this card is talking about your boss or coworker? That guy who stabbed you in the back to get the promotion? If so, leave what you do not love. Why stay in an environment filled with deceit, unhealthy competition, and backstabbing? It can also point to financial strife in the form of a shopping or gambling addiction. Or perhaps you suffer from the vice of sloth and procrastinate working until there is no money left in your account. Your environment can greatly affect your stance in life so if you will surround yourself with trash you will stink. Upon changing jobs or your spending habits your finances will be tight but you will find peace in overcoming your personal demons.

Health & Wellness- Be aware of your health conditions as The Devil tarot card points to a possibility that you will suffer chronic health problems. In general this card points specifically to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and defiance/anger disorders. Beware of your drug & alcohol consumption because self-medicating never works in the long term. Engage in positive coping mechanisms such as counseling and talk therapy as ways to diffuse your self-destructive impulses. Bottling up emotions can cause you to develop a silent illness which may ultimately lead to serious repercussions.

Spirituality- In this context it appears The Devil tarot card has made you a slave of money, of sex, or of mind-altering substances. You have become too engrossed in worldly possessions that you have mistaken material things and emotional numbness as the source of your happiness. Spend time with your family and give yourself time to refresh, heal, and condition your mind to find happiness in things that money can’t buy.  Be present as you confront the pains that drive you to these destructive behaviors.

The Reversed Devil Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The Devil Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Freedom, separation, breaking free, independence, detachment, gaining control, and overcoming addiction.

In a stark contrast to most of the tarot cards, a The Devil tarot card reversed is actually a very good omen. It is a sign of breaking the bonds that bind you to unhealthy and painful behaviors. It is also a card that comes up for people who have been in a continuous battle against addiction or their personal vices and obsessions. In reverse it shows that you are gaining control over your life and are now aware of the things which have been enslaving you. You’ve heard knowledge is power? You’ve got the power now.

Love & Relationships- In reverse this tarot card is a good sign for your love life. It signifies enlightenment for those relationships on the verge of breaking, freedom for people who are stuck in abusive relationships, and the realization of duty and loyalty for those who were about to cheat but decided not to. If you are searching for love do not be desperate about it. Enjoy the gift of being single because it won’t be for long!

Money & Career- You are now aware of the vices you have been addicted to and you are starting to regain your self-control. You have recognized the importance of having a job you love. You have experienced the satisfaction from building a savings account with money you would have otherwise spent thoughtlessly. Your finances may also be stable but you still need to save and spend reasonably. In some ways it is an ongoing battle to combat spending recklessly but it gets easier with time.

Health & Wellness- When it comes wellness do not dwell too much on your current health problems. It won’t be easy in the beginning because all you can focus on are the things which scare or concern you. However, by practicing positive thoughts that your body & mind are stronger than you think, your doctor is capable and dependable, and you have access to treatments you will help yourself get well.

Spirituality- Finally, The Devil tarot card when inverted shows that you are now independent of spiritual chains. You have broken the hold on your true self and you are free and fulfilled. You can rejoice in your new outlook and find comfort in your daily spiritual exercises (exorcisms?) like meditation, affirmations, or mindfulness. Although you may still get frustrated and stressed sometimes you no longer instinctively begin destructive behaviors. Well done, you!

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