Nine Of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Nine of Pentacles tarot depicts a lady in a luxurious dress embroidered with flowers, standing in the middle of a vineyard. She holds a falcon on her left hand. The grapes are growing abundantly, and the fact hat falconry is an expensive hobby, leads the reader to see her great success and wealth. Nine pentacles surround her as if they, too, are growing in her vineyard.

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings- Prosperity, accomplishment, safety, maturity, elegance, discernment, luxury, wealth, grace, and abundance.

This is a very positive card to get in a tarot reading, especially if the querent is asking about finances and career. It is the follow up to the Seven of Pentacles; in that card you have planted to seeds of success and now you must wait for them to bear fruit. In the Nine of Pentacles your patience has been rewarded and your hard work has paid off. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life, and it’s likely you do have a taste for beautiful items and luxurious experiences. This card shows contentment with your financial situation and enjoying the freedom that savvy financial choices have afforded you.

The Nine Of Pentacles Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Nine Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- The Nine of Pentacles tarot card is a strong positive for material gain, but also for relationships. It indicates stability and security in your relationship. It also notices that the tough times you’ve weathered together have resulted in the luxury of comfort in each other, refuge from the world within your own. This card also forecasts the maturity you are experiencing in your relationship. No petty games, no jealous hearts, just a pleasant existence together. For singles, this card can mean that you are strong and independent, but you are still growing. You haven’t been planted in the best relationship “soil” yet, but when you are, you will flourish and so will your partnership.

Money & Career- As one of the best cards to get from a financial perspective, the Nine of Pentacles presents the payoff for your discernment and financial acumen. Whether you chose to work hard, or invest wisely, or live frugally, or a combination of all those, it has stood you in good stead and given you the freedom to live life on your terms. There is also a positive aspect if you own a business that it will continue to grow in profits.

Health & Wellness- If you’re looking for insight into your health, feel hopeful because this card is a positive one. It can be interpreted quite broadly that you will have positive results from diagnostic tests or positive outcomes in a treatment plan. It can also be a reminder to treat yourself the very best you can, and honor yourself with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a good sleep routine. It can also be a very good predictor of upcoming pregnancies. Your optimistic attitude is being reflected back to you, and you are content and satisfied with where your health is going.

Spirituality- When you receive a Nine of Pentacles it points to spiritual maturity. Your self-esteem is high because you are satisfied with where your efforts have taken you and the knowledge you have gained. Your spiritual wealth is so great at this point you’ll find yourself sharing it with others and assisting them in their journeys. Your confidence and wisdom will provide valuable insights.

The Reversed Nine Of Pentacles Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Bad faith, gold-digger, deception, dishonesty, financial failure, unwise decisions, scam, theft, loss, workaholism, and a guilty conscience.

A reversed Nine of Pentacles tarot card signifies a need for self-discipline and discernment. While you work hard at achieving your goals, you need to be alert to others trying to cheat or shortcut their way to success off your back. This means examine your contracts fully and if your gut gives you a warning, investigate it. There are positive threads woven in this tapestry, too. You are motivated and willing to do the work. When you do mess up, you feel guilty and are willing to ask for forgiveness and change your ways. You don’t act purposely dishonestly, though the temptation for the “gray areas” can be something you struggle with.

Love & Relationships- As a reversed tarot card, the Nine of Pentacles serves as a warning to be careful in choosing your partner. Keep your “eyes wide open” as the saying goes. Be wary of gold-diggers (and if you are one, understand people will see through to your real motives). Discernment is a key skill to takeaway from this card, so practice it until it’s a reflex. If your relationship is struggling it could be because you work too much, leaving little time for personal endeavors, or you may be feeling closed off due to some unresolved hurt feelings, loss of trust, or jealousy. Single folks, the same pretty much applies to you. Don’t try to deceive potential partners and exercise your intuition for those times when you may be being deceived.

Money & Career- You have a good work ethic, one that easily slip into workaholism. Be careful to keep a balance between work and home life. While your financial situation may not be precarious, it’s like it was better before the inverted Nine of Pentacles showed up. You can recover from this, but it may take longer than you want or even expect. Also, let go of unrealized losses; they were never real to begin with so it’s time to quit obsessing over them. Those failures are coloring your outlook and behavior in the present.

Health & Wellness- Thankfully, this card is not one to signify terrible health problems. At the very worst it may be alerting you to that “gut check” you need to do. Maybe a medication is affecting you badly or you want a second opinion. These are valid concerns and you have every right to pursue them. It can also point to a lack of discipline with health habits; that is, too many of the bad ones and too few of the good ones. Incremental changes, such as a 5 minute walk after lunch and regular checkups are beginnings to turning things around.

Spirituality- Your spiritual strength is evident, however you no longer have the motivation to push further. Complacency is your comfort zone. Intellectually you know you need to keep growing but your inspiration is at a standstill. That’s ok. If you’re suffering a guilty conscience, have grace with yourself. This too will pass and there is no reason to feel guilty. If you feel deceived by your beliefs or leader, that is something you will need to take radical steps to overcome.

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