Seven Of Pentacles Tarot Card

On the Seven of Pentacles tarot card a young man rests, with his chin and hands upon his shovel, as he watches the seven pentacles growing in a verdant green plant to his left. He appears weary, but not exhausted, and contemplative. The plant is so green and leafy it extends under his feet with trailing stems. In the far distance are darkened mountains.

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings- Contemplation, fruition, profits, reflection, evaluation, reward, rest, nurturing, and patience.

The Seven of Pentacles is a card of rest and reward. When you’ve put in the hard work and it begins paying off, you’ll see this card come up. Now all you need is patience because while the ground work is done, you project still needs to build momentum. And just like a plant which struggles the most to become a sprout from a seed, once it pushes through the earth it will grow far more rapidly. You are in the same position. Allow your rewards to flourish, but have patience as they do. It will happen.

The Seven Of Pentacles Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Seven Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading.

Love & Relationships- Relationships often take a lot of work in the long term, and are much more fun and exciting in the beginning. Here’s the thing; relationships shouldn’t always be work. While there will be rough patches, you will experience many long-lasting periods of contentment and your love will grow steadily and strongly. For some people this may feel boring and they wind up giving a good thing in search of excitement. Appreciate your relationship as a living thing, needing nurturing and tender care, and reaping the benefits of a healthy one. There is also a message of patience if you are trying to start a family- it will come in due time. Relaxing and allowing your family to grow naturally, rather than forcing it, is a wise course to take.

Money & Career- The Seven of Pentacles is a tarot card about payoff. If you’ve been one to work diligently and consistently you are now in a position to relax your drive a little bit and enjoy the success you’ve so rightly earned. You’ve positioned yourself to worker smarter, not harder, so let events take their course and have patience as they unfold. This card also speaks specifically to investments, many of which require not only an investment of money but also time. Your investments will have greater dividends if you leave them alone, only pruning and fertilizing as necessary.

Health & Wellness- In many issues related to health the “wait and see” option is the best. Don’t jump into surgery or invasive treatments if they are not your best option right now. They might sound the most appealing, but often a slower and less severe treatment can work just as well. The difference is patience. Take stock of what you’re currently experiencing, what your health care providers have told you, and if they suggest wait and see, follow their advice. The body is pretty fantastic at healing itself, but it needs time. Secondary to this is that being in a peaceful state and calming your anxiety will allow your healing to speed up.

Spirituality- The upright Seven of Pentacles indicates great rewards for your investment. Just like financial investments compound over time, so will your spiritual investments. Living with a meaningful heart and focused intent on your spirituality will reward you with greater steps along the spiritual path. You are fortunate to feel the love and blessings of the universe four-fold by doing this. True spiritual contemplation leads to great things.

The Reversed Seven Of Pentacles Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Suspicion, impatience, apprehension, frustration, anxiety, sorrow, imbalance, bad investments, laziness, and missed opportunities.

In an alternative to the upright meaning, the reversed Seven of Pentacles tarot card can show unrealized dreams or unattained goals. It’s important to distinguish between patience and laziness. Patience is waiting for the seeds you’ve sown to grow. Laziness is never planting the seeds and still hoping they grow. You may be frustrated how your life is going right now, and before your seeds have a chance to sprout you’ve dug them up and planted new ones. Jumping from one project to another before anything has time to evolve is only hurting you long-term. Remember, what you do today affects you tomorrow, and in a year. But if you want rewards you must exercise diligence and patience.

Love & Relationships- In terms of love, a reversed Seven of Pentacles speaks to a lack of growth and time for each other. When one person in a relationship is a workaholic it leads to a loss of connection with your partner. Working all the time doesn’t equal success. Reevaluate that your work is productive work and not busywork. Making time for your partner, and focusing on them only for these periods will begin to rebuild the trust and companionship. Without a correction to your course it is possible your relationship will completely wither and die. This card can also point to unrealized dreams, so perhaps you are mourning the loss of a love you never or that you had to let go. It is causing a block in the path to your real love.

Money & Career- Boredom, procrastination, and undefined goals are your problems. In many cases it can be difficult to pull the trigger on a decision, so we wait for someone else to make it for us. This is not the path to success but you will have to make the tough changes if you want to control your future. Without a specific goal in mind your efforts will be wasted or you will find it impossible to even get started. In general, an inverted Seven of Pentacles is not a good sign when it comes to financial investments. Losses and poor returns are common and can leave you feeling frustrated and defeated.

Health & Wellness- Staying in the theme of unrealized goals, your health may be suffering from the same. From something as simple as losing 20 pounds, to something as complex as navigating chemotherapy, without a clear picture of what you want your end result to be, you’ll be following every new path that pops up. For any long process to work most effectively, you must know where you are headed and stay on track. Anxiety and fear and impatience will be your biggest foes, but you have the strength to quell them. It stems from focus.

Spirituality- The reversed Seven of Pentacles tarot card shows that you are having frustrations and feeling disappointed in regards to your spiritual connection. This often stems from perfectionism or impatience. Extend grace to yourself and internalize that this is a long journey; it doesn’t even end when we die. Make smaller, measurable goals and remain focused on them until you achieve them. Additionally, only reading about a technique will not give you mastery. You must put in the effort and practice it regularly.

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