Four Of Swords Tarot Card

The Four of Swords tarot card shows one of the most peaceful and somber scenes in the deck. The stone tomb of a soldier, a knight, is in the foreground with a massive stone statue of the dead hero resting on his back on the lid. His arms are draped on his chest with his hands clasped together in prayer and pointing towards the sky.  Above this coffin is a stained glass window, indicating the warrior lies in rest in a church. Above his head and torso, on the wall, is a plaque with three large swords, blades pointed towards the tomb, in a row. The final, fourth, sword is carved into the stone side of the coffin and runs parallel to the lid.

Four of Swords Tarot Card Meanings- Meditation, commemoration, heroism, retreat, exile, solitude, vigilance, contemplation, healing, rest, delay, sickness, recovery, spiritual counseling, sanctuary, peace, and quiet.

When the Four of Swords is placed in a tarot reading many times it can be misinterpreted as fear, stress, and anxiousness. This is inappropriate. It should be more common to associate it with a well-deserved rest. It suggests that you will find peace, serenity, and calmness in your life. Your mind will be in a place of tranquility. This card is actually one to look forward to because it indicates you moved mountains, figuratively. You have done something massive that you earned the hero’s reward; great reverence and commemoration as you rest. Everyone wants to leave a legacy depicted in the card, where your deeds and person are preserved for generations and your spirit has moved on to a greater reward. Ultimate peace is the theme of this card.

The Four Of Swords Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Four Of Swords Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- If your question is about a relationship The Four of Swords tarot card tells you it is ok to leave things behind mentally, for awhile, and have some quiet time alone. The pressure and anxiety you get from this relationship can be very exhausting. Disconnecting for a while will allow you room to breathe and gather your thoughts, and decompress from the emotional rollercoaster. Take it to heart this card is yelling that you need sanctuary from this stressor, so allow some quality time for yourself to contemplate the status of your relationship. This may be a battle that has already been won and you are fighting it only in your mind or it may be that this is a battle that will never be won and it’s time to part ways. The only way to get an answer is to follow the card’s advice and meditate on your situation. This is similarly true for single people- the crush who you can’t seem to make look your way? You’ll know what to do next after reflecting on it.

Money & Career- The Four of Swords reminds you that a break is not just about having a good time, but it is necessary when life is overwhelming. When you’re in the thick of a lot of drama it can be easy to put all your emotional energy into this one aspect of your life, leaving you with nothing for friends, family, and yourself. A toxic work environment isn’t going to magically clear up one day, so if you plan to stay here you need to make the most of your time away. Taking a “mental health” day here and there will make all the difference. You put a lot of effort into your job so it’s easy to forget you need to put at least that much into your own restoration mentally. This also applies if you’re feeling financially burdened. Financial pressure is highly stressful. You will need to gird up and face the stress head-on. The best way to figure out your battle plan is to retire to a quiet spot and meditate. The answer will come to you.

Health & Wellness- In a slightly different vein, this card signifies rest for a health reading. However, this rest may come without your consent. Recuperating from surgery or a procedure is going to leave you laid out for a few days, and it’s important you listen to doctor’s orders. If you’re told to rest, you need to make rest your #1 priority. Your healing will be faster and more complete when you allow your body the time and space and quiet it needs to restore its vitality. In the most extreme cases, it can mean hospitalization, so if you can avoid that by speaking with your doctor now, it’s best to do so.

Spirituality- Regarding spiritual matters, the Four of Swords tarot card is pointing out that you need your own space. For you, getting in touch with your inner-self and finding your spiritual road requires removal from your current surroundings. Many people find this solitude in a church or temple. It can also be a special area in your house just for meditating. For others it can be a walk on the beach or in the woods. Wherever you find yourself at your most peaceful is what you need to shoot for, and go there on a regular routine.

The Reversed Four Of Swords Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Four of Swords Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Circumspection, restlessness, burn-out, exhaustion, lack of progress, illness, isolation, withdrawal, banishment, resentment, rejection, and opposition.

A reversed Four of Swords signifies coming out of isolation. It indicates you have spent quality time contemplating your life and relationships and the period of contemplation is over and it’s time to rejoin the world. Additionally, when reversed this card can also point to things affecting your ability to rest peacefully within your own mind. Feeling frazzled and burned out is one. Feeling like there’s no end in sight is another. A general feeling of restlessness accompanies this card when you are fighting against fully withdrawing into your own psyche in order to address the problems in your life. Trust, when you truly make the effort to sit inside the universe of your mind you’ll find the answers to moving forward. Then you, too, will enjoy the ability to come out of mental isolation and back into the daily world.

Love & Relationships- This is actually good news for a bad or toxic relationship, because even though it feels difficult, the breakup that an inverted Four of Swords card shows is going to put you on a better path in life. You will find peace and calmness amid all the sadness. You will fee lighter and calmer without the weight of your relationship on your shoulders. It will take a while to get used to the “new” you but it is actually quite a good outcome because you will be healthier and happier.  For a healthy relationship which has just weathered a terrible upset, this card says you’re both working together to get back on track, and stronger than ever. After retreating to your own world where you sorted through the issue as a couple you’re able to come back as a stronger unit. For the singletons, this card indicates a good time to meet people in your community. If you do so without the expectation of a relationship  you will find more connections.

Money & Career- Again, some good news for you! The message is you’re going back to work after some time off. Whether this was a voluntary break, like a vacation or sabbatical, or an involuntary break, like a furlough or layoff, your time away is ending. After your vacation you’re feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. After your unemployment your energy is high and you’re looking to get back on track. Financial pressure is being relieved and you’re walking a little lighter now, which is a nice change from the previous weeks.

Health & Wellness- The inverted Four of Swords tarot card conveys  that your physical and mental rest and recuperation is coming to an end. Do not push yourself to your limits quite yet, but let yourself feel good about the fact that you took care of yourself and you’re feeling more like your usual self. It’s time to start integrating back into your usual routine, and while your health problem may not be fully resolved, it is at a point where you’re able to live with it. Keep using the recovery tools you were given and remember that doing them continuously will benefit you.

Spirituality- You’ve probably heard of a hermit in a cave right? Often spiritual gurus spend time away from all civilization in order to fully expand their consciousness and get in touch with the supernatural. Well, whatever work you’ve been doing spiritually is equivalent to that. By removing all distractions and making your search for higher wisdom your priority, you’ve achieved a state of enlightenment that will not leave you. And now that it’s an integral part of who you are it’s time to start using it as the tool it is and begin focusing on other parts of your life. The reversed Four of Swords also points to success overcoming your spiritual ordeals.

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