Two Of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Two of Pentacles tarot card depicts a young man who appears happy and upbeat, juggling a golden pentacle in each hand, with the sign of infinity encompassing them both. He keeps his eyes on his juggling, clearly paying attention to the motion of his hands. While he dances on dry land, just behind him is the ocean full of rollicking waves and two ships very clearly being tossed about.

Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings- Balance, flexibility, adaptability, choices, motion, preparation, duality, contemplation, and movement.

The Two of Pentacles is an excellent sign of balance, growth and movement. You might be wondering how any of those things can be a good outcome. The basic gist is that all people go through ups and downs in life and the secret to success and lasting fulfillment in life is to find a way to balance them. Positive times can not be enjoyed to their fullest without having experienced some negative times. Similarly, knowing bad experiences can’t last forever helps them hurt less as you look toward the upswing. It’s all about balance and keeping your equilibrium, regardless what life throws at you.

The Two Of Pentacles Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Two Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- For people who are in a relationship, the Two of Pentacles implies you may be having trouble balancing work and home. If you’re having problems making time for your relationship, no doubt your partner has mentioned it. You need to find the balance in life. Making your relationship a priority is important, but be careful to remember things are not black and white. Don’t swing too far to supporting your relationship that your work life suffers. The good news in all this? You can absolutely be successful at managing both effectively. Those of you looking for love fall into one of two camps; all in or all out. If your main goal is to find love, back off a little and fill your time & thoughts with other people, hobbies, and self-care. If you have given up on love, step back and look at the world with a more fair viewpoint; love is probably staring back at you.

Money & Career- In its upright, the Two of Pentacles signifies that you are burdened with a decision to make regarding finances. Perhaps you are torn between starting a business or staying in a job that promises reliable income for your family. Your decision comes from the balance between income and expenses/profits and losses. This is also a perfect time find a happy balance between saving and spending because you can do both right now.

Health & Wellness- As Pentacles reflect the physical world, the physical body falls into that purview. This card is reminding you of the importance to exercise balance in your health. A healthy diet is rewarding and healthful, but there is no reason you can’t have a piece of cake or a fancy coffee or pizza once in awhile. Treat yourself to things you love, because it honors who you are. Treat yourself well by doing things to maintain good health because you deserve it.

Spirituality- Emotional balance is what you’re currently struggling with. Finding the inner peace promised by spiritual enlightenment is not coming as quickly as you’d like and perhaps you are spending too much of your time fixating on it. If your daily responsibilities feel overwhelming because you don’t have enough time to do them and your spiritual endeavors it’s time to reevaluate and aim towards the middle ground. Balance will bring harmony to your mind, body and soul.

The Reversed Two Of Pentacles Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Disorganization, ignorance, injustice, instability, lack of balance, lack of flexibility, and discouragement.

The reversed Two of Pentacles tarot card means there is a lot going on in your life and you are having a difficult time trying to handle everything. Feeling like a failure is compounding the problem. Lack of organization in terms of priorities, time, and tasks will be your biggest challenge. You have two choices; you can continue to try juggling everything until something falls apart or you can choose to set all the balls down and prioritize one or two items at a time. Easier said than done, right? Here’s the secret to success: be flexible. By allowing things to play out differently than you imagined (and letting other people help you in their own ways) you’ll be able to focus on your priorities and give them your utmost attention.

Love & Relationships- Consider what matters. Seeing the Two of Pentacles reversed means that you will have to balance things between your love life and the other aspects of your life. This is a stronger effect of the same insight when the card is upright. Whether you’re wrestling with personal issues, family matters , or career demands know that when these hinder you from spending quality time with your partner that arguments, distancing, and even break-ups occur. For singles, however, your career and future love life might demand your attention at the same time. You need to decide which comes first.

Money & Career- Focusing on too many things at once leads to failure. Be flexible because you won’t succeed if you aren’t. Ask for someone’s help, delegate a work, and allow people to meet you halfway. Your career asks a lot of you, which can be a good sign in terms of income, but do not allow work to be your only focus. There is little happiness in amassing wealth, but great pleasure in the freedom of lifestyle wealth can give. Balance both to find your happy place.

Health & Wellness- Feeling overwhelmed by a recent diagnosis? The medical terms are over your head or you refuse to believe your prognosis? These beliefs are not helping you heal or find mental health. It’s time to sit down and organize your thoughts. A therapist will be useful to help you determine where to put your energy, to learn how to cope with the “new you” in a healthy way, and see what holes might exist in your treatment plan. If you’ve got no serious health issues then accept this reminder to care for yourself every day through exercise, diet, and sleep.

Spirituality- Clearly your spiritual balance is out of whack. The question is, what to do about it? It might be time to review what you’ve always done. Some things may not be working for you the way they have in the past, and you probably have a nagging feeling which ones they are. You don’t have to be ardent about your pursuit of spirituality. What you do need is a regular routine of spiritual hygiene which refresh your spirit. Keep those that do, toss those that don’t, and don’t feel guilty about it. Spirituality is not “one size fits all”.

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