Two Of Cups Tarot Card

The Two of Cups depicts a couple, a man and a woman, exchanging chalices in a happy and content way. It is a mutual exchange. A caduceus is between the couple. (A caduceus is called a “herald’s staff and is the staff of Hermes, the Greek god of commerce & communication, encircled with two snakes. It signifies commerce and negotiation and emphasizes balance, fair exchange, and reciprocity.) Usually the caduceus has wings coming out of the staff but in this case there is a lion’s head above the staff and the wings are coming out of the lion’s head.

Two of Cups Tarot Card Meanings- Mutual respect, compatibility, love, balance, wealth, attraction, partnership, marriage, equality, companionship, passion, harmony, and connection.

When the Two of Cups appears in a reading you can expect positive connections and reciprocity of your actions. If you give, so will you receive in a fair and balanced return. It’s a lovely portent of mutual respect and harmony. In matters of the heart it is extremely positive for couples to looking to reconcile or for couples coming together for the first time. Likewise, all relationships will benefit from this card because its focus is equality and respect between members.

The Two Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Two Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- In its upright position this card represents a new relationship or a blossoming romance. The good news is the person with whom you are smitten is also attracted or in love with you! Your feelings are reciprocated and there is no better time to pursue love.  This tarot card implies the likelihood of a happy union, engagement, or marriage. The mutual love, respect, support, and commitment shown by the Two of Cups offers you the potential to feel contented, happy ,and hopeful where your love life is concerned.

Money & Career- The Two of Cups signifies a strong and effective business relationship. It is a good sign that you will have a harmonious partnership with your business partners or employees. By valuing open communication you’ll be able to set mutual goals and by working together you will attain balance and a good working relationship. In terms of your finances you will have the means to cover your bills and necessary expenses. You will also find money seems to last a little longer and you’ll enjoy some frivolous purchases also.

Health & Wellness- With respect to health and wellness the Two of Cups can be regarded as a good omen. It shows balance in the context of your health. Therefore, you’ll be successful in eating and drinking in moderation and exercising regularly. You’ll find these behaviors fit in easily to your daily schedule. This card also bodes well for fertility and pregnancy, and specifically may predict a twin pregnancy.

Spirituality- The Two of Cups has a strong connection to the spiritual world. To find harmony in the spiritual realm you must be open to the love which the universe is conveying. You are worthy of this love and this fantastic experience. However, you must be willing to accept it. The universe will not force it upon you. Remember, this card is all about equal give and take. This card can also signify that your mind and soul are existing in harmony.

The Reversed Two Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Two of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Arguments, disharmony, divorce, inequality, losing friends, breakups, separation, imbalance, end of partnerships, abuse, unhappy commitments, or incompatibility.

The Two of Cups in its reverse expresses an imbalance in life. It may show inequality, bullying, or abuse. In less extreme relationships it can indicate a one-sided relationship or a break down in relationships at work. This disharmony will have effects on all aspects of your life including love, career success, and health.

Love & Relationships- In its reverse this card indicates you are investing a lot in a relationship. If you are committed, it could mean your romance is with someone you are actually not compatible with. The friction between you two could be due to a lack of communication or a lack of mutual respect. Do you ever get a cold shoulder from someone who says they love you so much that they can’t get enough of you? It’s time to look into this further and see if the relationship is worth saving. Additionally, this card can be a warning that one or both of you might be neglecting your relationship. If co-dependency exists in your relationship except that it has also created resentment.

Money & Career- When upside down the Two of Cups may imply the dissolution of a business partnership. Your finances might lack balance and you’re spending more than you’re earning. In general, you’ll need to shift your focus to these issues and address them before they magnify. A big caveat with this card in its reverse is it pointing out you may be too invested in your romantic relationship, to the detriment of your other relationships and your job. Take a step back and consider what effects your actions are having if you’re calling in sick to spend time with your partner. This behavior won’t go on too long without consequences so best to address it now.

Health & Wellness- This tarot card when upright insinuates good health and positive outcomes, but reversed it predicts the opposite. A lack of balance in your eating, sleeping, exercise, and hygiene habits will have an effect on your overall quality of life. Your lack of balance will be noticeable to others, as well as to yourself. At this point, don’t rely on willpower to get you on the right track, rely on processes. Set up a schedule or a routine and stick to it. Finally, one of the health issues noted with this card is chronic fatigue. Take extra care when dealing with this condition and allow yourself plenty of recovery time.

Spirituality- Meditation can help you in searching for your spiritual path, which you are currently in search of. Feeling out of touch with your spiritual, or higher, self connotes a disconnect with the greater power of the universe. Try meditation in order to bring your spiritual self back into balance with the positive vibrations of the world. This reconnection is essential to restoring spiritual balance in your life.

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