Three Of Cups Tarot Card

The Three of Cups tarot card shows the image of three women dancing gaily in a circle, laurel crowns on their heads, and lifting up their cups in a toast. Around them are the bounties of harvest; fruits, gourds, and greenery. Happiness is afoot, bounty is forthcoming, and everyone is in a good mood and feeling positive as evidenced by the smiles up on the women’s faces.

Three of Cups Tarot Card Meanings- Friendship, merriment, festivities, community, gatherings, reunions, socialization, victory, indulgence, celebrations, happy moments, and an active social life.

This tarot card is a symbol of success, joyful gatherings, and unity. The Three of Cups signifies friendship and strong social bonds. When you receive this card in a reading it will often point to persons you have a close connection to, those with whom you have a very tight bond. These coming weeks will be full of good friends, happy gatherings, and plenty of delicious food and drink. It can also remind us to rely on those in our tightest personal circle for support when we’re going through hard times. After all, burdens shared are lighter on everyone.

The Three Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Three Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning In A Reading

Love & Relationships- The most common connection for the Three of Cups is in the context of relationships, which includes romantic relationships (although to be fair, the card more often points to platonic relationships). In this case, getting out a little bit and socializing will not only be especially fun at this time but it will bring the person you’re looking for into your orbit. This gives you the opportunity to strike up a conversation and pursue a relationship. If not a romantic one, then at least a friendship. All things considered, this card bodes especially well for your interpersonal relationships. For couples, this card indicates a lot of happy times together. You may literally be attending parties, weddings, or other social gatherings together and enjoying the happy emotions of those events. In a deeper sense it may signify that you and your partner will experience a lot of blessings in life which deserve a moment of celebration, so don’t forget to relish those happy times as they happen.

Money & Career- As for money and career, the Three of Cups brings good vibes to your bank account. Many events that will occur at work will call for a celebration of success. You’re on an upward trajectory! Job offers, promotions, or an increase in income from your business indicate that you will have no problem in terms of money and meeting your financial goals or obligations. This is definitely a card you want if you’re career-oriented.

Health & Wellness- One of the lesser known aspects to the Three of Cups is that it signifies healing. What a relief if you are suffering currently. In fact, in many cases when you receive this card in it is because you’ve been enjoying yourself so much you’re experiencing adverse affects from overindulging in party foods and cocktails. In this case, practice self-control and condition yourself to feel satisfaction by eating and drinking moderately even in the most tempting situations.

Spirituality- So far, everything is going well spiritually. You’re generally feeling optimistic and looking forward to your internal growth. Group interactions will help in boosting your energy right now because they will be supportive and will aid in strengthening your connection to your spiritual path. These group sessions will also present opportunities for you to learn from other people new ways to connect to the universe. Don’t hesitate to try them!

The Reversed Three Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Three of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Lack of social life, betrayal, lack of friends, gossip, cancelled celebrations, broken engagements/weddings, miscarriage, cheating, dullness, and over-indulgence.

In its reverse, the Three of Cups shows frustration with things that matter most to you. It shows failure to maintain harmony in your family, work, and in all other aspects of life. This tarot card also signifies betrayal. The inverted card may refer also to the raising of awareness that things need to change. It can signify that building up a community, or engaging in teamwork, is the best way to reach your goals. The most interesting part of this is when you see the chance for teamwork, if you take it, it will be a positive and useful experience.

Love & Relationships- There is a bigger chance right now that you’ll find your future partner in your friendship groups. Building a relationship off a friendship is a wise option because you’ve had time to get to know each other in a more neutral and relaxed way. Don’t expect some whirlwind or storybook romance. This will be a slow evolution into a romantic partnership. If you or your partner are suffering from unhealthy habits, such as drink or drug abuse, fits of anger or jealousy, or withholding communication the Three of Cups says it’s time to address these issues before they send your relationship down a path it can’t recover from. Finally, one of the most intriguing parts of a reversed Three of Cups is that a third party or love triangle may exist.

Money & Career- If you fail to prepare then you are definitely preparing to fail, so learn your work and know your colleagues. Prepare for the worst because the Three of Cups in reverse shows that people will backstab you. Why? Because they either envy you and your success or due to a hostile and competitive relationship at work. Watch your back and be wary. Gossip can be used to sabotage you. Your finances will not be ideal but by practicing wise spending you’ll pull through.

Health & Wellness- This reversed card means you need to take measurable action in improving your health. No more trying to will it away, it’s time to do something. Suffering from a mental disorder is also going to require help from your support system and a health professional. Be fair in assessing your condition and your circumstances and share those insights with your healthcare provider.

Spirituality- The reverse of a Three of Cups is not as positive as when it is upright but it is on a good note it is not all negative. It may indicate that your social life is a little inactive. Are you staying home even when you’re invited out? Do you feel you aren’t a part of your friend circle anymore? These feelings are not positive but they leave plenty of room for improvement. Even though it feels arduous to go out when you want to stay in, make the commitment to go at least one out of three times you’re invited. You’ll have a good time once you get there and before you know it you’ll be feeling secure in your friend group again. 

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