The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon tarot card has a lot of elements squeezed in, including a huge bright yellow moon facing downward but not focusing on anything as if it’s asleep. It illuminates the land and the lake underneath. A wolf and a dog howl at the moon while a lobster crawls out of the water. There are two towers standing behind with a road that lead from the water between them into the mountains beyond. This is going to be a journey into the unknown and the most important thing to remember is caution- things are not as they appear.

The Moon Tarot Card Meanings- Longing, frustration, bewilderment, imagination, fantasy, lies, danger, deception, illusion, instinct, sensitivity, relaxation, anxiety, and insecurity.

The Moon tarot card focuses on dreams, fears, insecurities and the subconscious. You’ll have to pay attention to your intuition when this card appears in your reading. Your instinct will need to be your guiding light as you discover that sometimes things are not what they appear to be. The Moon tarot card signifies you are finding yourself drifting between two aspects of your life; reality and your dream. Your dreams may not be literal dreams such as when you sleep, but rather your subconscious thoughts or even your daydreams.

The Moon Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The Moon Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- If you are committed this stage will make you ponder a lot of things about the dynamic between you two. Your relationship might appear fine but beneath the surface quite a few issues lurk. Remember those old arguments or insecurities that have been the root of most of your fights? They remained unresolved and remembering them may stir up feelings of insecurity or uncertainty in the relationship. Most notably you will be feeling a desire for change. Whether it is to change the current give-and-take of your relationship or to change your relationship altogether, be calm and do not rush. If you are single use caution when you meet the one “too good to be true.” They are putting their best foot forward and you will find some skeletons in the closet if you wait long enough.

Money & Career- In the context of money, career and finance, The Moon tarot is highlighting poor communication at work. It’s difficult to feel invested in a company where upper management doesn’t communicate regularly or when you are directing an employee who just doesn’t seem to get it. The most important thing is to remember communication is key, so get it all out in the open. If there is deception or a hidden agenda is there and you will find it.

Health & Wellness- In its upright position The Moon tarot card may bring about mental health concerns led by anxiety, stress, and paranoia. Quite often this card is just telling you what you already know- something is not well mentally.  Unfortunately, unresolved mental distress such as poorly mental illness, untreated anxiety, and situational depress will have a profound affect on your ability to get things done daily and also affect your physical health. Getting it all out in the open, and refusing to conceal what you’re struggling with, will only benefit you.

Spirituality- Openness to what lies beyond makes this tarot card a very positive one in the spiritual realm. Just like our subconscious thoughts and our dreams, the spiritual realm also remains hidden behind a veil. They are very real though, and offer you messages of warning and guidance when you pay attention to your subconscious thoughts, dreams, and intuitions. Learn to set yourself free in a quiet and peaceful environment in order to strengthen your connection to your inner self and the spiritual world. The Moon card supports you doing this.

The Reversed Moon Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The Moon Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Unveiling secrets, bare facts, delusion, exaggeration, sorrow, suspicion, clarity of thoughts, regaining composure, released fear, and truth.

When this tarot card appears in reverse your anxiety will subside, your fears will lessen,  and the negativity in your world will fade out. Your clarity of thought will also show you the truth about something. The uncertainties and insecurities in your life will be easier to deal with by using complete honesty, so speak your truth and listen when others speak theirs. You may find you’re on more similar pages than you initially expected.

Love & Relationships- The Moon tarot card when inverted shows a phase of mood swings or change of emotions. Negativity may overshadow every decision you’re making so practice context. Give your relationship time to breathe when you are having problems with your partner. Sometimes walking away from an issue and coming back to it the next day brings things more into focus. This card may also mean the revelation of secrets. Secrets don’t always mean bad or hurtful secrets, but if that’s what you’re experiencing just know that while the truth hurts you deserve to have all the information. All those little warning signs popping up? Don’t ignore them.

Money & Career- In the field of finance and career this reversed card could mean stability in these endeavors. The Moon tarot card reversed signifies clarity and confidence so let this embolden you to ask for that raise or promotion. This interpretation will positively affect your finances, also, since your instinct will lead you to the best investments.

Health & Wellness- Depression and anxiety will slowly subside, especially with help from your mental health care provider. Being honest with your therapist is the lynchpin to successfully coming out of your self-defeating cycle. What about your physical health? The Moon doesn’t really speak to physical illnesses but if they are related to, or made worse by, mental distress you can feel confident that you’ll begin seeing an improvement.

Spirituality- Inversely, this card indicates a blocked message. The signs popping up all around you cannot reach you clearly because your perception is clouded. You are not in tune with your intuition and this makes it difficult for you to interpret the messages being shown to you. Meditate, clear your mind, clear your chakras, pray, find your happy place. Let your mind wander and you’ll begin feeling the tug of intuition once again.

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