Temperance Tarot Card

The Temperance tarot card shows an angel with one foot upon the Earth while the other is in the water. In her hands she holds two chalices and is pouring water from one to the other. Her wings are spread open wide and there is an aura around her hair. At her feet green grass and iris grow and in the background a burst of the sun’s rays are visible above two mountain peaks.

Temperance Tarot Card Meanings- Patience, calmness, clarity, moderation, health, balance, modesty, self-restraint, and harmony.

In its general sense the Temperance tarot card is about balancing two extremes to find a moderate middle ground. By tempering the opposites, the means by making each less extreme, you will find balance and harmony. It also represents the struggles humans have in balancing the conscious mind with the spiritual being.

The Temperance Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The Temperance Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- This tarot card often refers to soulmates and the deep love we’re all looking for. It shows a harmonious relationship built with a perfect balance of love, respect, trust, and commitment. In the case of relationship problems this card signifies that the couple will resolve the issues holding their relationship back and will be able to  move forward together. Are you single and looking for love? This card is pointing towards you finding your soulmate. Lucky you!

Money & Career- Set your goals high and reach them through hard work, persistence, patience, and dedication. Career growth is on the way but be cautious in grabbing opportunities because accepting the first one may allow a bigger opportunity to slip through your fingers. The Temperance tarot card suggests that a moderate and calm approach to all opportunities is wise. Even the worst ones may not be as bad as they first looked. This is also a good time to get your finances in order and build your savings.

Health & Wellness-  Well, you’re one of two types of people. Either you are regularly active and enjoy your favorite treats in moderation and therefore experience excellent physical health, or you’re not one of those people and have a few things that could use adjustment. If you’re the latter take a page out of the moderation notebook and begin small with one or two things you can easily change to be more balanced. Then enjoy your momentum as you reap the benefits! Avoid overindulging or engaging in excessive physical activity because too much of a good thing is never good.

Spirituality- Balance and harmony of the spirit give room for unity with people, and the universe, around you. Make your spiritual health a priority and if you find disruption to your soul seek out why. Exercise patience with yourself and your shortcomings, and likewise with those around you.

The Reversed Temperance Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Temperance Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Self-indulgence, gluttony, excess, recklessness, unfortunate combinations, competing interests, extremism, lack of balance, unbridled passion, and hesitation.

When you receive this card reversed it's because, oftentimes, of the literal opposite of moderation; excess. Are you excessively exercising, or excessively spending, or excessively worrying what other people think of you? This is such a common human condition it's no surprise to find yourself struggling with it. Let this card be the reminder that the catalyst to change is you.

Love & Relationships– A reversed Temperance tarot card is not something to look forward to because it signifies conflict or reciprocated love. The lack of balance will be felt throughout the relationship and create a hostile environment. The couple will be in an antagonistic cycle wherein they would rather fight over issues than work together to resolve them.

Money & Career- This card can indicate either overtime or undertime work, but whichever one you’re experiencing it’s an imbalance at work. It’s time to cast a critical on the situation and figure out why your work balance is so out of whack. One reason could be an intimidating work atmosphere or a boss prone to inaction or rages. At this point if it’s something you can’t change without finding a new job, until that new job appears explore moderating your reactions and finding peace of mind in order to weather the storm.

Health & Wellness- Again, not a great sign when the Temperance tarot card comes up reversed. When she’s upright, all is balanced. When she’s not, all is discordant. Where physical health is concerned this can signify that your health is at risk. Excessive consumption of anything including drinking, drug use, overeating AND stress will negatively affect your physical condition. One of these is giving you side-effects that you can’t shake. There’s no better time to adopt a healthy lifestyle and commit to routine exercise.

Spirituality- Most obvious will be a lack of tranquility and peace within yourself, and for yourself, but additionally you will also find it hard to be at peace with the people around you. Diversity in your surroundings may create an imbalance in your mind, body and soul. Do you feel like you don’t fit in? Or that everyone around you got a memo you didn’t? These are big signs your soul is feeling unbalanced and receiving too many negative messages. Give yourself ample time for relaxation and the search for inner peace and remember that you are worthy just by being.

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