Strength Tarot Card Meaning

The Strength tarot card shows just that, strength. The lion stands for courage and the strength of physical power. The woman stands for patience and control, which is mental strength. They are standing happily in an open field where energy flows around them in its natural splendor. The yellow sky encourages positivity and happiness. The laurel and floral dress the woman is wearing is representative of her focus on growth and the cycle of life.

Strength Tarot Card Meanings- Positivity, vitality, courage, taming your power, and concentration.

The Strength tarot card is more of a supplemental card. You have to pay attention to the other cards drawn in order to get a full picture. Because it’s so straightforward, Strength can come off as unimportant or you can glaze over it. Paying attention to its placement in a reading can determine how much weight you give to the message and often there is quite a bit more to the message than meets the eye at first glance.

The Strength Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The Strength Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love and Relationships- Balance and harmony is key. There is definite physical attraction but you still need emotional attraction. That is, you have to be on the same wavelength so to speak.  If you are both committed to maintaining  peace and harmony your relationship will flourish. With family and friends, the peace you want will come from a strong matriarch. Look for her guidance (is it you?).

Money and Career- Consistency will earn you top dollar. You may also have a big account you are in charge of that needs a firm hand to manage. Being in control doesn't mean being bossy or controlling, it means guiding effectively and leading through example. In your personal finances, don’t spend just to spend. Have a solid plan or you'll have more month than money.

Health and Wellness- You are either in the best shape you can be in or you are working towards this goal. Either way, keep going and find your rhythm. You will get top results by personalizing your health plan, so what works for someone else is not necessarily right for you.
Spirituality- Work out your spiritual muscles. Do some rituals. Gain some new metaphysical tools. Even pray, if that’s your practice. Whatever you can do to grow stronger and more aware, do it. Strength comes from practice and endurance and your spiritual muscles need this as much as your physical muscles.

The Reversed Strength Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Strength Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Perceived weakness, self-doubt, out of control power, unfocused, and sensitivity.

Upright, Strength is powerful and in charge. Reversed, Strength is lost and at a point where weakness and insecurity seep in. You might have lost your fight and are licking your wounds. You may have over-exerted yourself and now you’re burnt out. Ego may have gotten in the way of some good opportunities and now they're gone. Self-reflection is critical when this card shows up reversed.

Love and Relationships- Someone has too much power and it's time to examine the power dynamics. You may need to reframe the situation to see where the imbalance is. Single people, don’t give away your power too easily. When dating, make sure you get a word in and have a say in where you go.

Money and Career- You may be coming on too strong or have an aggressive style that can be problematic. Your pockets cannot handle losing customers so try to be a little friendlier. If you’re looking for a job don’t send out too many resumes and don’t call them before they call you. Give them time to review your application. Also, spending may be problematic if you're buying on emotional impulse and not based on need.

Health and Wellness- If you receive The Strength card reversed you are not in the best health. You may have a few “bad” habits that need to be broken in order to improve where you are in life. And hey- even gentle exercise has multiple benefits so take an easy walk outside or ride your bike around the neighborhood. Mentally, you aren’t the healthiest you've ever been. You may need a few days to just not do anything. Active rest combined with moving your body gently is great for these moments.

Spirituality- You're psychically exhausted. You do not have to be the strongest person in the room. You do not have to be a rock for everyone else. If you need to release something, do it. This is a good time to see to whom you desire to give forgiveness (you should be on that list too). If you happen to be in the unusual situation where you've not exhausted yourself spiritually but you feel disconnected, the Strength tarot card reversed is reminding you to remember you inner power and call on it to deal with this uncomfortable situation.

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