Six Of Cups Tarot Card

The Six of Cups tarot card is a picture of a two children; one an older male holding a chalice with a white flower in it. He is offering this sweet gift to a younger girl whose smiling face shows she is happy to receive it. In the foreground stand four additional chalices, each with a white flower and greenery. Behind the boy are the stone steps leading up to the castle and upon whose walkway we see a knight. At the corner of these steps is a stone post with a coat of arms carved into it, upon which rests the sixth chalice, also filled with greenery and a single white flower.

Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings- Childhood memories, innocence, joy, family, play, goodwill, creativity, family, nostalgia, kindness, immaturity, and reunions.

In one word, this tarot card is best described as nostalgia. In signifies the past and how the things which have happened in your past, most importantly childhood, have affected you in the present. When the Six of Cups appears in a spread it relates to childhood memories and past events that are worth reminiscing over. If you have confronted challenges in your life, this card also represents protection and family. In some less favorable terms it may also suggest homesickness, child abuse, or immaturity.

The Six Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Six Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- One of my favorite readings with this card is for childhood sweethearts. It often points to a love or friendship knit in the youngest years of your life and the enduring quality of those relationships. The good news about family changes also comes with the Six of Cups; if the other tarot cards drawn with this one are positive it can be a very good sign for pregnancy or adoption. If you want to have your own children this card is an excellent omen. On a negative point, this card can mean immaturity may be a problem in your relationship. This childish attitude is causing arguments and influences your feelings about each other in a way that tears you apart. This card also reminds us to be aware of past loves, because if you or your partner are communicating with them it could be causing issues in your current relationship. (On the flip side- do you have an unrequited love from many years ago? Maybe it’s time to look them up and see how things have gone for them. The past is powerful with this tarot card.)

Money & Career- In terms of money and finances, the Six of Cups tarot card brings good news. It signifies goodwill and creativity, both of which are important to increasing your income. If you are on a creative team keep your eyes open for a project where you will be working with children. This will be the most rewarding career path for you. Additionally, your finances are well taken care of leaving you with the ability to share your blessings through charity work or outreach.

Health & Wellness- Life on earth is fast paced and sometimes we don’t realize we need to slow down. While we will never know when our time is up the Six of Cups encourages us to take the time to care for others emotionally and physically. While this card doesn’t say much to our own health it does point towards extending ourselves to others in need of care and support during physical and mental illness. In fact, it’s quite a good perspective to remember how it felt when your mom cared for you when you were a child and share that same compassion with someone in need. If you’re hoping to expand your family this tarot card is generally a good sign that you will get pregnant or have a child.

Spirituality- In the context of spirituality this card is indicative of your eagerness to connect to spirit. Do not over-complicate things by forcing the connection; instead, take things easy and rediscover old traditions or practices which feel like second nature to you. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel as these methods work well to connect you to spirit.

The Reversed Six Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Independence, letting go of the past, childhood abuse, lack of creativity, vain nostalgia, maturity, boredom, future, renewal, growing up, leaving home, or getting stuck in the past.

Again, the Six of Cups tarot card is all about the past. In the reverse it generally focuses on how the past is harming our present. Either we can’t let go of past events and cannot see that life or opportunities are passing us by or we eschew all things about our past forgetting there are some valuable lessons and comforts we have the right to bring with us into the present. In general the Six of Cups reversed implies moving forward to a better future. This can be interpreted literally as “growing up” or becoming a mature individual or it may relate to veering away from childish behaviors.

Love & Relationships- An inverted Six of Cups indicates lack of passion in a relationship. Overcoming childhood issues and changing childish practices can be a big help in strengthening your romantic relationship. For singles, while you feel you are willing and ready to put the past behind you and move forward there are indications you are still longing for your ex. This leads you to look for someone like your ex in your potential partners which brings relationship disappointments. Letting go of this behavior will open you to finding a person to love you for who you are now and so you can stop comparing them to your ex.

Money & Career- Pay attention to your spending habits and your actions in relation to managing your finances. If it is possible, invest and let your money do the work. This tarot card shows that you are becoming independent in handling your money and you will continuously improve your financial situation by making it a habit to watch your finances, spending, and budgeting.

Health & Wellness- In its reverse the Six of Cups dictates that you must deal with your health concerns as soon as possible. There is a strong suggestion your issue may be related to a genetic or physical trauma from childhood. It can also signify problems relating to conception and fertility.

Spirituality- Thank your past for the chance to discover your spiritual path throughout your struggles in life. Love yourself for who you were and thank yourself for being strong and resilient. At this point, with a reversed Six of Cups tarot card in your reading, it’s time to discover new methods in order to improve your connection with the spiritual world.

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