Seven Of Cups Tarot Card

The Seven of Cups tarot card is a beautiful picture showing seven chalices resting on a cloud in front of the silhouette of a person. Each chalice contains something different and the person gets to choose which gift they want. The top row of three chalices contains from left to right: the statue head of a women, a shrouded object, and a snake. The bottom row of four chalices contains from left to right: a castle, jewels, a laurel wreath, and a demon/dragon.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meanings- Opportunities, fantasy, illusion, hallucinations, design, movement, daydreaming, choices, wishful thinking, and mysteries.

This tarot card indicates lots of options or possibilities for you. In fact, this card is giving you the power to choose what things you would like in your life. Do you choose love, or wisdom, or carnal desires? Do you choose a big house, fancy and beautiful adornments, success and victory, or self-indulgence? This card allows for the use of your imagination and your power to daydream anything you desire into existence. It’s a very powerful card, with powerful imagery, and the best part is you hold the power to change your life. It is a card of movement so your dreams and fantasies will become reality.

A word of caution though- be careful what you wish for.

The Seven Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Seven Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- You’ll be quite busy with a lot of people when it comes to love. The Seven of Cups tarot card gives you a handful of potential partners so be very careful who you trust and evaluate your options thoroughly. Be honest with yourself and don’t be blinded by the illusions of these people you’ve created in your mind. Search for what is real and you’ll find happiness and contentment in your relationship. It’s wise to accept them for who they really are, not for the fantasy you imagine them to be. If this changes your desire to be with them, let them go and trust that your dream partner will come to you.

Money & Career- This card will make you think that some deals are too good to be true. It’s going to seem like you have options coming from every angle and your power to manifest money is strong. However, if you’re used to “bad luck” this will make you wary and you may miss some really fortuitous opportunities. Consider investing with the help of a professional consultant because there will be a lot of options to grow your money. Use their expertise to make sure you are seeing things for what they are. Be mindful, brainstorm with experts, and climb your ladder of success!

Health & Wellness- Exercise will help keep you energized and healthy, however, do not overexert yourself. Set important goals and visions and then focus on fulfilling them in a reasonable time frame. If you need help staying on track ask for assistance or  motivate yourself with positive inspirations. You can choose your own path of health and wellness and whatever you see in your mind’s eye you can achieve. Likewise, if you are giving yourself negative visions or feedback it’s time to retrain yourself to focus on positive outcomes.

Spirituality- The Seven of Cups tarot card shows that you have the opportunity to explore different forms of spiritual practices. In order to develop your spiritual gift you must make an honest assessment of which practices have made you stronger and been beneficial to you. They may not be the ones you’re attached to, or popular methods. But if they work for you and mastering them will improve your spiritual abilities.

The Reversed Seven Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Desire, clarity, will, reality, determination, spiritual growth, seduction, success, illusion, feeling trapped, and diversion.

The Seven of Cups inverted can indicate your imminent escape from a dream world. Your decisiveness is improving and you are now seeing things clearly. You feel confident making decisions because you’re living in reality. Whether or not you have many options at this point, it does not matter because your vision is clear, your goals are concrete, and you are confident in your ability to attain what you wish rather than just dream about them. Here is where the “rubber meets the road” and you begin taking action.

Love & Relationships- When reversed, the Seven of Cups shows that you are having a reality check in regards to relationships. Maybe your relationship is on the verge of ending because of underlying issues you failed to resolve or which you intentionally ignored. This is the best time to work on your relationship if you want to avoid the impending break up. If your partner is worth fighting for, then fight for them. The reality is that your relationship will take work so no longer do you live in the fantasy of a romance novel.

Money & Career- In matters of money and finance you’re experiencing being stagnant at work or a career plateau. There is only a slim chance for promotion and/or there is no opportunity for a salary increase anytime soon. An important take-away with this card is that you can do something about it! You have the power to choose, and seeing your situation as it really is allows you to choose to stay and accept things as they are or go elsewhere and change your life. Neither is good or bad, right or wrong. You just need to stay present and not play the “what if” game. Consider where your life is right now and make your decision based on that.

Health & Wellness- When the Seven of Cups is drawn upside down it’s a signal your health is deteriorating. Whether this is in or out of your control remains to be seen. The fact is things are only going to get worse unless you choose to change. This can mean upping your water intake and taking a daily vitamin. It can mean getting out of the house for a half hour walk every day. It can mean telling your doctor your medication is not working and you demand a better solution, or even doing your own research and presenting your findings to them.

Spirituality- Dreaming is probably your worst enemy at this point because it is consuming you. When the Seven of Cups tarot card is drawn in its reverse it shows that you are focused on dreaming versus doing. It feels good to dream because you’ve already “achieved” but you must do the work in the real world for your dreams to become reality. Your spiritual side will grow and benefit from consistent action in your daily meditative or prayer practices for enlightenment rather than just wishful thinking.

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