Queen Of Cups Tarot Card

The Queen of Cups tarot card is the image of a regal lady sitting on a throne made of stone with cherubs chiseled into it. She wears a long silver dress, a cloak of blue and white, and a large gold crown on her head. In her hands she holds a golden chalice, different from all the others in the suit, because it has two handles and a lid instead of being an open vessel. Though her throne is on terra firma her feet are almost in the water as it laps around her kingdom’s border.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings- Calm, loving, empathetic, gentle, sincere, caring, intelligence, healer, kindness, honesty, wisdom, psychic vision, and compassion.

This card brings with it many good portends for the future. One of the greatest is the strong psychic abilities of the person whom this card speaks about. Generally it is a woman and she is exceptionally wise and intelligent. This is due to her ability to hear the secrets of the universe and to see the unseen world around us. She’s a powerful figure because she can cut through the noise of the physical world. This person is selfless almost to a fault and puts their family before all else. They are particularly good at being empathetic, being a caregiver, and being a moral supporter.

The Queen Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Queen Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- Relationships are solid and stable when the Queen of Cups drifts into your reading. With a partner as sincere and loving as the queen indicates, it is a strong foundation that will be built. In a broader sense this card also shows that both parties are committed and invested wholeheartedly in the relationship. If you are looking for love consider this card a positive sign. Your coming relationship will be highly fulfilling and will bring great joy to both partners.

Money & Career- This tarot card bodes especially good news for those interested in, or already in, a caring profession such as nursing, caregiving, social work, teaching, or civil service. These will be excellent matches for your personality and innate abilities to calm distressed people, to understand people’s underlying motives, and to have their best interests at heart. While often these are not the careers you go into to get rich, you will be rich in terms of fulfillment and life purpose. And frankly, that is priceless.

Health & Wellness- The Queen of Cups comes into the health and wellness world to extend healing and comfort in times of need. If you are the queen, you will be a great source of hope and comfort to those who are suffering and ill. If you are currently battling health issues find peace in the fact this queen will come into your life and you will have a support system. You are not alone, nor will you leave others to be alone. This card is highly related to comforting and caring, which is especially necessary when physical health is at stake.

Spirituality- This is probably the most profound meaning of the Queen of Cups tarot card. Due to the high psychic ability associated with the card you may find yourself tapping into your ability to see things, hear things, and feel things that other people can’t. You may find astral projection, past life regression, and seances come easily to you. If you’re not having any of these extreme experiences you will definitely recognize your intuitive power no matter how latent it is, and by being in touch with it you can allow to assist you in life. Your gut feelings, the hair on the back of your neck, and your assumptions will all be your psychic clues.

The Reversed Queen Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Disgrace, arrogance, false hopes, emotional insecurity, distraction, and irresponsibility.

A reversed Queen of Cups tarot card is centered around your feelings and reactions in every situation. Unfortunately, sometimes due to trauma or immaturity, those reactions are negative and do not serve to exemplify the queen that you are. You have intuitive feelings but either you remain too distracted to accurately tap into them or you are too fearful of what they mean to delve any deeper. As a consequence, they cannot help you. You wind up running from them and often headlong into situations which are painful or difficult. You feel deep compassion and empathy and the powerfulness of these feelings may overwhelm you. Learning to moderate them, and cope with them in a healthy way, will be to your benefit.

Love & Relationships- Your love life will be affected by the fact you cannot properly moderate your emotions. Your intuitions, rather than leading to deeper inspection, affect you on a superficial level and contribute to feelings of insecurity, jealousy, and distrust. While it’s true you have unseen powers of discernment, be careful to fully explore them before letting them dictate your actions. Secondly, do not allow your empathy and compassion to make you a doormat. People will take advantage of you, especially romantic partners, if you do not build a way to protect yourself.

Money & Career- You are becoming restless due to stress and a heavy workload. You are emotionally drained and when that occurs for you it is highly detrimental because you rely on your intuition to guide you. Without it, you flounder. In this case, it might be advisable to look into a different line of work. Perhaps something that is more fulfilling to you as a person. It may also be a pay decrease to do so, but being able to enjoy life even while you are working is worth its weight in gold. Consider that money is not the only factor when choosing a career.

Health & Wellness- When the Queen of Cups shows up reversed for a health reading you can be sure you’re over-extending yourself by being caring and protective of others but putting yourself last. Symptoms of burnout, anxiety, depression, insomnia, eating disorders/overeating, drinking to excess, etc. are all signs that you are emotionally tapped out and it is affecting your physical health. The solution in this case is straightforward- see a doctor, a therapist, a masseuse. Make yourself a priority because you’re no good to others if you aren’t running at 100%.

Spirituality- You need to slow down in developing your psychic abilities. While you’re naturally inclined psychically, like all skills, they must be practiced and refined otherwise they do no good. You may being trying to run before you learn to walk. Find time to focus on a specific skill. Do not push yourself to “the next step” until you have mastered the first one. Your psychic ability will flourish by doing this.

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