Page Of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Page of Pentacles tarot card shows a young man standing in a field of green, tiny flowers at his feet and large mountains looming in the distance. He is dressed simply in a tunic and pants and soft boots but wears a chaperon on his head (a large soft cap with an attached scarf which can be wrapped around many different ways). A pentacle floats just above his palms, which he has opened upwards towards the sky and he is gazing at it.

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings- Loyal, youthful, optimism, new possibilities, faithful, attentive, naturalist, insensible, energetic, studious, motivated, and trustworthy.

The Page of Pentacles is a card of optimism as far as the physical realm is concerned. It brings good news in terms of finances, education, training, business opportunities, and health. There is a major influence of youthful energy, so young people and those who are young at heart, will benefit the most from this card. This is because while good things are coming, enthusiasm and energy are needed to see them through to completion. Intuition and insight also play into this card because one’s ability to see things which are not there and discern matters which are not obvious will be increased. It is wise to use these gifts to your advantage.

The Page Of Pentacles Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Page Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- If you are in a relationship, this card is a good sign in terms of loyalty and fidelity. A setback can occur when immature behaviors crop up or the eye begins to wander. If the passion seems to have waned it’s time to find your carefree spirit and bring a little fun and levity to your life. Your partner will respond positively to this. The single people benefit most from this card because you’re being give the green light to jump in with both feet. Follow your heart, revel in the excitement of new love, and remember that nothing ventured is nothing gained.

Money & Career- The Page of Pentacles is a great tarot card to have if you want an excellent career. A benefit to being young is that you don’t know what you don’t know and more things seem possible. Keep this light of optimism burning within yourself and you will see wonderful things play out in your career. With this card there is much good fortune in material wealth and property, so investments, real estate, retirement accounts, and savvy business decisions will all come naturally to you and pay out to your benefit.

Health & Wellness- Have you noticed you don’t feel, or look, your age? You feel younger than you are and that’s what the Page of Pentacles is sharing with you. With the naturalist slant of this card you’ll find great benefit in exercising in the outdoors such as hiking or biking. You’ll find eating a healthier diet is easier than you thought it would be and you enjoy how the fresh produce makes your body feel. Fresh air and sunshine are the daily vitamins you need, and as long as you’re consistent about getting them, they will be helpful to your health.

Spirituality- You may still feel like a greenhorn in your spiritual endeavors, even if you’ve been working at them for years. It can feel frustrating to want to master a skill and continue to feel as if you can’t. Stay the course and don’t beat yourself up. Additionally, you may find yourself drawn to new areas of study especially in fields of intuitive beliefs and modalities. The Page of Pentacles is guiding you to experience your higher abilities.

The Reversed Page Of Pentacles Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Laziness, immaturity, lack of goals, procrastination, delay, frustration, carelessness, boredom, loss of wealth, pessimism, anxiety, and indifference.

A reversed Page of Pentacles tarot card means you will be facing problems which are brought about by your own behavior and inaction. Your frustration, impatience, and laziness will lead you into unplanned and unwelcome changes that will block your way to success. The frustration stems from feeling you should be able to get yourself back on track using willpower alone, but it seems your willpower continues to fail you. This can be perceived by other people as laziness or lack of motivation. It can ramp up your anxiety and depression if you don’t get it under control. In other cases, it is truly a fact of immaturity that is blocking your ability to set goals and work towards them consistently. Both issues are fixable, though.

Love & Relationships- Sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence but once you get over there you realize it’s all the same grass. You will be tempted by those who look better than your partner but beware because looks can be deceiving. It’s likely your new relationship will encounter a lot of the same problems as your current relationship. Often in these cases it’s immaturity and boredom talking not an actual desire to separate from your partner. Addressing the symptoms rather than the cause of your discontent will only lead to disappointment.

Money & Career- When inverted, the Page of Pentacles indicates that you have a lot of things to do but you choose to procrastinate. You lack a goal, a plan, and the follow-through. You’re not feeling the initiative to start working. A word of caution- opportunities will not wait for you. If you don’t take advantage of them today they will not be there tomorrow. You have lots of positive qualities working in your favor so finding the projects you’re passionate about will incentivize you to get started. In the matter of finances, you will see losses but they will not deplete you.

Health & Wellness- Well, even if you’re young and healthy you can feel unwell, tired, and run down from living an unhealthy lifestyle. The reversed Page of Pentacles hones in on these types of behaviors. Things you can’t see, like cholesterol and blood pressure, may be suffering the effects of your diet and drinking habits. Plus, if you’re having trouble conceiving cleaning up your diet is one easy and cheap way to improve your chances. While this tarot card doesn’t bring much in the way of major health issues it does remind us that there really is too much of a good thing.

Spirituality- Since the Page of Pentacles is deeply connected with divine insight, when it comes up reversed in a reading it can indicate that your spiritual path has gone off the rails. You may be drawn to dark arts or black magic. You may be pursuing enlightenment with an ulterior motive instead of love. These treacherous paths will lead to ruination so it’s important to right yourself and get back on track.

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