Page Of Cups Tarot Card

The Page of Cups tarot card shows a young man wearing a beautiful tunic with flowers embroidered from top to bottom, belted, and wearing soft leather boots. His dressy hat, complete with a scarf trailing over his shoulder, completes his dapper look. He stands with one hand on his hip and in the other he holds a golden chalice, from which a fish is rising out of. He has a small smile on his face, the look of a bit of mischief, to compliment his general air of youthful refinement. He stands on the beach with the waves of the ocean lapping behind him.

Page of Cups Tarot Card Meanings- Emotions, childlike, idealism, imagination, naivety, intuition, friendliness, psychic messages, spiritual ability, kindness, and inspiration.

This is one of the tarot cards that presents innocence and in general, a positive outcome. It shows childhood, beauty, naivety and romance. The Page of Cups focuses on the personality traits of an artist or creative. They are sensitive, they look upon the world with child look wonder (perhaps his little fish friend is speaking to him?), and possess a natural intuition about people and their intentions. Unfortunately, know what people are hiding can be crushing to a person with so much optimism and such an empathetic soul when they run into malevolent or abusive people. All in all, this card is one of intuition and trusting your gut.

The Page Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Page Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- The Page of Cups, when upright, means that cupid is on your side. A stream of possibilities will occur in your love life. Your heart is full of youthful feelings, excitement, giddiness, because you are meeting plenty of potential suitors. Indulge in the freedom of being young at heart and allow yourself to follow your emotions, and share them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the responses you get. Are you in a long-term relationship or marriage? You, also, will have the benefit of recapturing the joy and exuberance that were present in the early days of your relationship. It’s wonderful to feel young again!

Money & Career- Young people are, sadly, not top earners, and you’re feeling right back at square one. Right now, no matter how old you are, you aren’t earning what your seniority and skills should be worth. The good news is things are changing and if you’ve been struggling in your career path the wait is finally over. You have a clear positive direction in sight and now is the best time to throw caution to the wind and follow your intuition. It feels reckless, even a little silly, but your gut won’t steer you wrong. Being proactive and spending less time daydreaming will result in an improvement to your financial situation.

Health & Wellness- Listen to your body. Here again, your intuition is speaking to you. In general, the Page of Cups tarot card will give you positive news so consider acting on your health issues now. At the very least, if you do get bad news, you’ll get it early and in time for treatment. Don’t overthink the possible outcomes, just exist in a state of childlike naivety until you have spoken with a healthcare professional. Why? Because it’s unlikely your results will be worth all that worry and stress.

Spirituality- Reconsider your rituals. You may find your traditional rituals gradually losing effectiveness so explore and consider other means in pursuing your spiritual goals. It isn’t true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. The old dog just has to be willing to try them. This is an excellent card for improving your spiritual wellness and abilities and offers you a perfect chance to get back on track.

The Reversed Page Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Page of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Seduction, unhappiness, vanity, bad news, broken dreams, obsession, neglect, envy, dysfunction, and vulnerability.

The reversed Page of Cups tarot card symbolism means literally the opposite of its upright. When drawn this way, the card may bring bad news or bad luck. It can mean an unrequited love or love prospects that never quite work out. Cancellation of contracts, projects, or social gatherings may also happen. A great deal of emotional instability will cause hurt and discord in your life, and may stem from you or those around you. Protect yourself so you are not vulnerable to the attacks lobbed at you. Prepare yourself so you do not attack others. 
Love & Relationships- In love you may experience disappointment, heartbreak, and a lot of drama. The Page of Cups is a warning that you might be dealing with a person who is not ready to commit or who is actually committed to someone else (that’s the worst case scenario so keep your eyes open). These heartbreaks are going to happen so the best way for you to navigate them is to be more mature even though every cell in your brain is telling you to throw a fit, to stalk them, or to play up the drama to bring them back into your life. DON’T DO IT! Do not make anyone the center of your life. Be patient, be mindful, be careful, and settle only for the best.

Money & Career- Drawn in its reverse, the Page of Cups may indicate difficulty or disappointment in getting a promotion or job. It can also mean that you are a great success at work and this causes envy among your colleagues. As a boss you may be lacking authority and trying to be your employee’s friend instead of their superior. This won’t turn out well for you, so be the boss and make the rules and instill the consequences. It isn’t fun to be the “bad guy” but it will be the best for you, your business, and your employees.

Health & Wellness- When we speak of health, the inverted Page of Cups may indicate a need to switch from natural remedies to modern treatments. It’s always important to consider your doctor’s opinion and now especially because you are at a vulnerable place in your life. You may be desperate for healing or you may be scared of the side effects of modern medicine. Either way, you’re susceptible to treatments that may not be in your best interest. In fact, get a second opinion on your treatment plan.

Spirituality- You are possibly so absorbed into the spirit world that you’re having confusion as to reality and illusion. Building your psychic power is addictive but it can take over your life and leave you struggling to cope in the physical world. Instead, practice balancing your psychic insights along with your logical thoughts to work through problems. One is not greater than the other but they work in tandem. Without this balance you’ll be at risk for long-term psychic damage. Seeking guidance during this transition is a good idea as you’ll have a steady hand to keep you on track.

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