Knight Of Cups Tarot Card

The Knight of Cups tarot card shows a gallant young man, dressed head to toe in shining armor and with a beautifully decorated cloak of red fish swimming in blue waters around his shoulders and trailing down to his ankles. His helmet is adorned with great silver wings. He sits atop a pure white horse who has one leg lifted as if ready to paw the ground. In his hand the knight holds a gold chalice and the peaceful scenery of a lazy river and dusty mountainsides is in the background.

Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings- Gentlemanly, romantic proposals, passion, chivalry, charm, effectiveness, sensitivity, and seduction.

The Knight of Cups brings good news to those who receive it. It portrays a person with a magnetic personality, to whom people are just naturally drawn. This is due to their charming and passionate demeanor. While they may be strong and assertive on the outside they will have a gentle heart. The protection of their loved ones is most important and a driving force in everything they do. Oftentimes, they will be defensive rather than offensive. It’s important to remember that protection is a key word here. Additionally, this is a highly romantic individual and you can expect to be wooed by them. They will make you feel like the most important person in the world, and that is indeed a rare trait.

The Knight of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Knight Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- The Knight of Cups entails romantic proposals. For singles, this could mean that your knight in shining armor might just be around the corner. For those with partners, do you hear those wedding bells? You’re right; a proposal, engagement, commitment ceremony, or marriage is on the way. Lucky you because your partner is one who understands romance and sensuality. Yours will be an exceptional love story.

Money & Career- When this powerful card rides into your reading you can take it to mean your ambition and drive are going to take you places. You work hard and with a good attitude, which is a rare combination. It will pay off in terms of new projects coming your way and your drive to succeed and provide for your family will ensure you take advantage of them. In some cases, there will be aspects of pettiness, manipulation, and cunning at work. Be careful not to fall into these too-easy traps because they are what will set you back, rather than propel you forward.

Health & Wellness- When you’re coping with health problems you might think the Knight of Cups is not going to be helpful at all. Don’t brush it off yet! This card indicates that you will be relentless to find the help and answers you need. You are convinced health and healing exist and will leave no stone unturned. To your benefit, your focus will pay off and you’ll find the treatment you knew must have existed all along. If you are not unwell, congratulations! This card indicates you’ll experience continued good health.

Spirituality- In the aspect of spirituality, the Knight of Cups is an indicator of spiritual growth to come. You may have had a protective emotional shield around your heart or your psychic abilities due to hurtful experiences in the past. Your lack of openness is predicated by a need for protection. As your emotional and spiritual journey progresses you will keep running into plateaus unless you take off your armor and explore the deeper recesses of your soul.

The Reversed Knight Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Calculating, cunning, manipulative, trouble making, lying, exaggeration, swindling, defensiveness, and unrequited love.

The Knight of Cups, when reversed, shows an amazing ability to escape from a bad situation. Not through force but almost entirely through emotional manipulations. Blaming is the name of the game. You may also find yourself in a period of life where you can be irresponsible, but these behaviors will be a detriment to you in the future. By engaging in some structured activities you will enable yourself to enjoy the best of both worlds. Defensive behaviors are the norm for this card but they can be extreme and isolate you from your support system.

Love & Relationships- When it comes to love, the Knights of Cups is not good news when reversed. You will meet someone, someone who seems perfect or “too good to be true.” And sadly, that will be the case because the likelihood of them being a charlatan, cheater, or heartbreaker is very high. Guard your heart, and practice caution. If you are staying in a relationship that you are no longer emotionally invested in it is most likely because you are getting something out of it like creature comforts or social prestige. Your partner may not have caught on yet but they will and then the dynamic will change.

Money & Career- An inverted Knight of Cups tarot card is, quite simply, a bad omen in career and finances. Due to negative behaviors, such as lying and being a double-crosser, many opportunities will pass you by. People won’t trust you or want to work with you even if your work is high quality and timely. On the flip side if you’re the victim of a ruthless coworker or business partner it is time to suit up and confront the situation. If you can’t come to a resolution you need to get out of the situation because things will not get better.

Health & Wellness- Well, the bad news just keeps coming when you receive this card upside down in a reading. Not through any maliciousness on your part or your doctor’s part, though. This falls into the “innocent mistake” category because you may be downplaying your symptoms or keeping behaviors (like smoking) from your doctor. These things will affect not only your overall health, but also your treatment plan. Be honest even if it feels uncomfortable because your health depends on it.

Spirituality- Your psychic abilities are being smothered by your inability to release negative thoughts and behaviors. Your internal story is not one of empowerment or enlightenment, but one of disappointment, perfectionism, and even doubt. It’s ok to doubt! It’s ok to feel aimless! It’s ok to ask for guidance or to pursue an entirely new spiritual path. Your soul has all the capability in the universe; you just need to allow it to grow.

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