King Of Pentacles Tarot Card

The King of Pentacles tarot card is the image of a regal king sitting on his throne, which looks to be carved from onyx, and decorated with bulls heads. He wears large gold crown and holds a scepter of gold in his right hand and a pentacle in his left hand. HIs left foot protrudes from his robes and is clad in a boot of armor, and he is resting it on a knight’s helmet. His robe is decorated with large clusters of purple grapes which reflect the grapevines full of fruit that curl around his feet. His castle appears in the background as if he sits on the terrace of a wing of his estate.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings- Intelligent, discipline, cautious, success, wealth, confident, reliable, faithful, bold, expert, stability, abundance, control, power, kindness, and calmness.

The King of Pentacles speaks of maturity and success. It is a card clearly relating to wealth, personal-growth, promotion, and accomplishment. The receiver of this card can expect to be blessed with power and affluence. One reason for such success in the world is this person possesses a calm personality. They tend to be of service to others, perhaps even a civil servant, and they are able to garner and maintain the trust of those they work for in addition to their personal social circle. Trustworthiness is  a prominent theme in this card.

The King Of Pentacles Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

King Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- When it comes to relationships the King of Pentacles brings good news and suggests you will experience stability and comfort in this stage of your relationship. As noted earlier, trustworthiness is a major benefit of this card and your relationship benefits from your loyalty, fidelity, and ability to trust each other. You also have the added benefits of patience and nurturing in your intimate relationship. Your partner may act like a king or treat you like a king and that bodes will for the ongoing stability of your union. If you are single, remember to find in your partner the same devotion and reliability that you possess.

Money & Career- Of course, with pentacles being a sign of wealth, this card brings good news in terms of business and career. As you pursue your career you are fortunate to be supported by a well-respected man who freely shares his wisdom. It is important that you listen and take in his words, because they are pieces of advice to help you succeed. If he is an actual mentor at work, be sure to align yourself closely with him and you will go far. As far as finances are concerned, your investments are doing well. You will have greater profits by calculating your risks before investing. The numbers will not lie, so use them and not your emotions when choosing where to put your money. As your financial picture becomes more stable you’ll find that you enjoy giving back and donating money to the causes you hold dear, so your legacy will be that you helped more than just yourself.

Health & Wellness- Oftentimes, the image of a king we have is one of great physical strength and power, a man who is in the prime of his life. The King of Pentacles depicts exactly that. Enjoy the stability and security of your health. If you have physical issues you need to address, rest assured that you will deal with them in a timely manner and alleviate their effect on your life. In general, you will experience wellness and stability in terms of health.

Spirituality- It is now time for you to explore and make a connection with the spiritual world. After having spent a good part of your life focusing on material possessions and your career, it’s now time to move your goals to the more intangible pursuits. With the security of your financial situation backing you, you have the opportunity to dive headfirst into deepening your spiritual well and you will find a joy in your discoveries that you’ve never experienced before.

The Reversed King Of Pentacles Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Weakness, vice, corruption, peril, perversity, authoritarian, stupidity, clumsy, greedy, broke, uncaring, quiet, unsupportive friends, obscene, materialism, paranoia, cold, and lack of success.

The reversed King of Pentacles tarot card is not a good omen because it can mean failure to reach your goals, losing focus, and making poor judgments or decisions. In some cases this is due to a male with authority in your life who is influencing you to make choices for his benefit, not yours. He may be addicted to gambling, a lazy person, shallow and self-centered, or someone without a firm grip on reality. Or he may be bad at financial decisions, broke but willing to tell you how to spend your money, or bad at business. Steer clear of this person and remember to trust people who you want to be like, not those that just happen to have authority in your life.

Love & Relationships- Your relationship is potentially shaky because insecurities are hindering trust and transparency. Continuing down this road will only lead to a complete lack or security in your relationship and will breed really devastating consequences. In many cases it can be due to money. Budgeting issues are just as tough on a relationship as a workaholic. Both have you fixated on the money 100% of the time, rather than your partner. This can lead to manipulations, obsessive traits, possessiveness, control,  and eventually the collapse of your partnership. The best remedy is to take a step back from the money issues and focus on your partner. By fulfilling each other’s emotional needs, you’ll find you weather financial issues more easily.

Money & Career- While a reversed King of Pentacles doesn’t necessarily mean a failure of business or career it can definitely mean instability. Perhaps your industry is going through a change and your job isn’t as secure as it once was or maybe you’ve lost the fire you had when you started your business. These are not bad things, per se, and all people experience them but they are a slippery slope if you’re given to pessimistic thoughts and self-destructive behaviors. Stay alert for stumbling blocks such as these and find support to cope with the changes. Another note- this card may also indicate someone in the company is discouraging you from succeeding. Keep your eyes open for overt or covert destruction and do not engage with this person because they may be prone to corruption and ruthlessness. Remain grounded and remind yourself who you are and rely on your mentor to help you navigate the circumstance.

Health & Wellness- Your health may be a bit unstable right, according to the inverted King of Pentacles tarot card. It seems that anxiety and stress are causing additional issues for you, physically. Of course, the best course of action is to relax and release the tension from your body through bodywork, yoga, mediation, and regular gentle exercise. On the topic of exercise, you may also be overexerting yourself in your workouts due to stress about “being strong enough” or “being thin enough” or “being fast enough”. You are doing more harm than good at this point so it’s time to address the anxiety about feeling inferior and allow your body to recover.

Spirituality- The takeaway for your spirituality is that this card is saying you’re still too focused on worldly possessions. You have the time, and the means, to grow spiritually but your fixation on finances and wealth is not allowing your pursuit of internal happiness. The wise words “you can’t take it with you when you die” are useful here because while money provides physical comfort in this world, only spiritual wealth will provide comfort as you transition to the next world. Don’t neglect this aspect of your life.

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