King Of Cups Tarot Card

The King of Cups tarot card shows a king sitting on his regal stone throne which appears to be floating in the middle of the ocean, with a ship and leaping fish in the background. He is clothed in robes and wears a large crown on his head, along with a fish pendant around his neck. He holds a gold scepter in his left hand and a golden chalice in his right hand.

King of Cups Tarot Card Meanings- Fairness, support, diplomacy, wisdom, thoughtfulness, responsible, professional, calm, equity, tolerant, and fatherly.

The King of Cups is a sign that harmony is coming due to effective and considerate communication. It can also be interpreted as a reconciliation between your mind and your heart. In either case, a time of peace and balance is occurring and it is a good thing. Overall, the positivity of this card circles mostly around an empathetic, caring person who is a good listener. This trait is extremely valuable because it will be the glue holding everyone around them together in a harmonious balance. This card can also refer to gaining the wisdom to differentiate between the things you can change in life, and those you can’t, and making peace with the latter. Managing feelings and emotions is a learning process, and one that can always use refinement, but with this card it can be assured that a beautiful equilibrium is currently in place.

The King Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

King Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- When the King of Cups tarot card shows up you can do a little happy dance because good things are coming! If you are not committed, this is the sign that someone you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Luck will not run out when it comes to your love life, so carpe diem (seize the day)! If your true love is the King of Cups you are lucky indeed! He will endeavor to make sure you feel heard, and he will prove his family is his priority. The love the King will bring to your life is pure and true. Do not be afraid that you aren’t good enough because you are and he will treat you like the queen he sees you as.

Money & Career- In terms of work, the King of Cups pertains to a person who will help you with your career in times of crisis. There is no shortcut to success but with the help and guidance of an older mentor you’ll be able to reach your goals faster. This card also indicates that while your career will be successful you may not be particularly wealthy, as the King of Cups does not generally pursue material wealth. His devotion is to relationships (which makes him a great mentor) rather than the almighty dollar. If you find yourself as the mentor keep your eyes open for a mentee because they are looking for you.

Health & Wellness- When it comes to health this card reminds you to have loving kindness towards yourself if you are struggling with an illness. Everyone deserves compassion and empathy and you are the best person to show yourself the ultimate love. The good news is that you should feel positively about your illness because things will be resolved. Wisdom is a major component of the King of Cups tarot card so listen to your doctors and trusted advisors as you make changes to your health protocol.

Spirituality- In the spiritual realm reflect on your connection with your masculine power. You will find your ability to receive and decipher messages from outside of yourself will be greatly improved. This is an excellent card to get in regards to spirituality but it does require you to reflect on the messages you receive. They will not be big neon signs, so stillness and quietness are ideal.

The Reversed King Of Cups Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

King of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Loss, inconsistency, dishonesty, emotional manipulation, injustice, double-dealing, scandal, betrayal, laziness, hypocrisy, and fraud.

When reversed, the King of Cups tarot card signifies a lack of emotional maturity and one who is extremely sensitive. Without empathy and compassion to balance them out, emotions like anger, hatred, bitterness, and revenge (even abuse) can rise to the surface. One of the greatest tell-tale signs is someone who lacks the ability to instill boundaries, and gets walked all over, and then lashes out when they can’t take it anymore. This is not a healthy emotional, or mental, state and it does not engender the tight relationship bonds that the upright King of Cups card promises. Co-dependent personalities are also reflected by the reverse of this tarot card, because they are unable to cope in the world without their enabler.

Love & Relationships- Taking the fact that a reversed King of Cups illustrates a lack of emotional maturity or co-dependence, one or both of these factors may exist in your relationship, and this is not good news. Of course, it is changeable if both parties are willing to undertake the effort, but if they are not, consider this relationship to be permanently dysfunctional. That is not to say it will fail, because it definitely has a chance of succeeding in the long-term, but do know it will not be a happy or fulfilling relationship for either party. In addition, affairs are a risk to this couple so be prudent with your thoughts and actions and aware of your partner. If you are single, now is not the time to get into a relationship. Deal with your lack of emotional maturity first and then pursue a relationship.

Money & Career- A tyrannical or volatile personality in your workplace may cause a very big issue, which will be the talk of the town among your coworkers. Their actions will have everyone scared but feeling like they can do nothing to change things. If this your coworker, you have two choices: cut your losses and move on, or accept that things are unlikely to change and find a way to continue your job in spite of this person. Maybe you can get transferred to a different department. Do not get involved in “setting up” this person because it will turn their ire and ruthlessness on you and you don’t want to be in their crosshairs. However, if this describes you it’s time to objectively view your career, which you may have gone into solely for the money, because you may find it isn’t nearly as fulfilling as you expected. You need to work on mediating your reactions and encounters with others. In most cases, if money is not an issue, it’s better just to pursue a different job entirely. Perhaps, one that speaks to your creative side.

Health & Wellness- Many people struggling with emotional issues turn to drug and alcohol to self-medicate. This dynamic comes up frequently with this reversed card. Getting high doesn’t fix your emotional trauma and while getting started in therapy is scary and emotionally painful, it is the only solution that will help you live your best life. For health issues, you may be seeing recommendations for alternative/natural therapies. Some of these may be helpful to you but use an eye of discernment when choosing one because you’re vulnerable to falling for the “if it sounds too good to be true it must be true” sales pitch.

Spirituality- Respect of the process might be lacking in terms of your spiritual search. Being guided is not a bad thing and it can often help you get to your end goal more quickly. If you have been using your spiritual powers for negative purposes you will find your skills weaken and your abilities become blocked. In fact, you may think you lost them totally! Get in touch with a spiritual leader, follow their guidance, and realign your intentions.

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