Justice Tarot Card

The Justice tarot card shows an image of a lady in a red robe. She wears a crown, sits in a chair in between pillars, and she holds a sword and a balancing scale. The two-edged sword in her right hand represents the enforcement of justice and fairness. The scale in her left hand symbolizes a harmony of logic and intuition. She reminds us that every action has a consequence and that, in the end, the scales will balance between practicality and fantasy.

Justice Tarot Card Meanings- Equity, rightness, integrity, unbiased, rationality, triumph of the deserving, responsibility, cause-effect and judgment with empathy, compassion, fairness, impartiality and truthfulness.

Under the law of nature not all consequences you bear are caused by your own actions. Sometimes things are beyond your control. There is no need to blame yourself for everything that goes wrong. But be assured the universe yearns for balance and things will settle back into harmony. The Justice tarot card evokes the desire for balance and equitable outcomes. What’s fair is fair, after all. It’s wise to remember, though, that a mortal’s fairness may not be the universe’s big picture fairness. Trust, though, that it will all work out to your best benefit. The scales of justice ensure that the resolution of a difficulty boils down into a careful and rational observation of the people involved and the events that took place.

The Justice Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

The Justice Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- If you are thinking about the strength of your relationship with your partner take a look at your actions toward your loved one. If there is imbalance, such as when you forget to put yourself first occasionally, or if you both do not value honesty, trust, integrity and love in your relationship, you may not have enough “glue” to stay together. Mutual respect and trust and tolerance go a long way to keeping a relationship strong. Keep your individuality and allow your partner to keep theirs. If you’re single these same ideas apply to you as you meet potential partners; do not settle for a one-sided (or lop-sided) relationship. Expect, and accept, nothing less than balance and equity in time, devotion, and love given.

Money & Career- A Justice tarot card means it’s time for grabbing opportunities. Even if you are not in business money will come to you in ways you do not expect. If you are a go-getter or a workaholic remember the value in balance between your career and personal life. While it is great to consider career growth try to enjoy your hard-earned money while there is still time to live. You can’t take it with you when you go and life is for living.

Health & Wellness- For better health you know you should maintain balance by eating, exercising and resting in equal amounts. Too much of anything can lead to imbalance in life and when it comes to health over-fatigue, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and intoxication often result in negative health effects. These issues can be avoided if balance in health and wellness is kept in mind. Additionally, moderation is key when taking supplements or performance enhancing substances such as energy drinks.

Spirituality- The Justice tarot card shows that spiritual justice involves retribution in the form of Karma. As cliché as it can be, this means that your past may yield a future you aren’t happy with as you consider it. You need not worry, though, because mistakes in the past can bring you lessons that will help you in dealing with your present obstacles. And if you’d like to change the way your future appears you can start today by changing your thoughts, actions, and beliefs.

The Reversed Justice Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Justice Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Bias, bigotry, prejudice, unfairness, lack of transparency, dishonesty, injustice, lawlessness, or unfair decisions.

This card can be taken at the literal opposite meanings when it appears reversed; injustice, imbalance, unfairness. A very useful insight, and not commonly used, is of a block to fairness or a block to inner resolution. It also points to ties that need to be severed because the relationships are unbalanced and not serving you. Finally, it may show that you will suffer a consequence due to someone else's actions, which feels very unfair indeed.

Love & Relationships- The Justice tarot card, when reversed, shows that you must not expect love when you do not know how to love others. The person you truly deserve will keep appearing until you begin changing your habits of love. If you are deceiving or cheating on your partner now, expect that this is a sign you will be caught and your relationship will be very strained, and likely end.

Money & Career- When reversed, this tarot card admonishes to be careful in taking risks financially. You must keep your cash safe and be wary about spending frivolously. It is highly probable that financial advice will not come your way anytime soon so practice patience and don’t make any hasty financial decisions. The same goes for your career. Exercise caution right now in quitting or changing careers.

Health & Wellness- Same as when Justice is upright, balance is attained by doing things in moderation. Overindulging can bring health problems, as can a lack of routine medical visits/checkups. All or nothing is never the way to cope with your health and if you’re concerned about something be sure to seek expert advice. Even get a second opinion. After that, balance what the experts tell you with your own insight and knowledge.

Spirituality- Life will give you lessons to learn every day, every month, every year. Perpetually, we are all students of life until we die. Karma will continue to repeat certain cycles until you have enough spiritual insight to change your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors or you begin to transcend your current spiritual plane. It sounds like a terrible existence, doomed to repeat the same things over and over but take heart- things can be changed! Meditation, prayer, and internal conversations are your tools to start this.

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