Judgement Tarot Card

The Judgement tarot card displays a heavenly being with wings appears out of the storm clouds and is blowing a horn to summon unclothes people who are rising from their graves, many of which are in the sea. The horn is adorned with a white flag bearing a red cross. The dead souls are lifting their arms and turning their faces to sky in response to the horn’s call.

Judgement Tarot Card Meanings- Results, final outcomes, ultimate justice, completion, rebirth, inner calling, judgment, changes, and renewal.

In general, the concept of judgment means to evaluate actions and determine a consequence which can be a punishment or a reward. The upright Judgement tarot card focuses on a main concept of change because whether you’re judgement is favorable or not, there will be consequences and your life will change. Many times the Judgement card means positive changes in terms of rebirth, renewal, and finding your inner calling. In some cases it means a total resolution a problem. When this happens the event is “set in stone” so to speak. However, even though this card indicates changes are coming when it’s upright you can be comforted that rewards are in your future.

The Judgement Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Judgement Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- As literal as it can be, the Judgement tarot card points out that lying will reap will destruction and honesty will reap fidelity. These concepts are extremely important in personal relationships and whether the relationship in question is a romantic one or not, the foundation remains the same. You will be judged for your actions and likewise so will the other party be judged by you. If you’re the judge in this case you must act in a fair manner and maintain the justice you would desire for yourself. False accusations and insults are not helpful. In the same vein, do not turn a blind eye to destructive or hurtful behavior. You deserve to be a relationship where both parties are working towards the same goal. Free yourself from a relationship that does not serve you.

Money & Career- You are under observation. Lucky you if you are putting effort into your job! Your hard work will be noticed and rewarded. Watch out of you are not giving a fair trade of effort for your paycheck, because likewise your efforts are being noticed and a consequence will come. The Judgement tarot card can lead to chances for promotion as good habits and behavior net desirable outcomes. If you neglect your projects or are making uninformed decisions you can be assured that your success is hampered. Effort begets results where the Judgement card is concerned. It is not a “luck” card.

Health & Wellness- This tarot card can mean healing or recuperation. When you’ve followed doctors orders and you’re taking all the necessary steps towards your recovery this is one of the times you will have  a positive final outcome. In some cases, the Judgement tarot card will give you a chance to completely free yourself from the health issues you’ve been struggling with.

Spirituality- The Judgement tarot card implies spiritual awakening. You have found your calling and your connection with the universe is strong. The card indicates you are ready to undertake a spiritual rebirth. Be open into finding the truth and wisdom which you’ve worked so hard to uncover. This the time when you will level up spiritually.

The Reversed Judgement Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Judgement Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Weakness, lack of confidence, timidity, overthinking, indecision, denial, and delusion.

This reversed card forces you to scrutinize your decisions and behaviors because they are bearing fruit and it isn’t good fruit. At this point in your life when you’re presented with decisions it is extremely important you do not make them quickly. Reflect on the options and choose wisely.  If you’re finding yourself unable to make a decision, well that fits right in with the reversed Judgement tarot card is pointing out. This is the time to exercise good judgement even if takes longer or feels uncomfortable.

Love & Relationships- In love, when reversed, this card signifies a change of heart due to self-doubt.  This could point to you or your partner. If, indeed, it is your partner who is experiencing self doubt, this could mean you may misjudge them and resort to false accusations or nasty rumors. Also, there may be malicious gossip going around about your partner. If so, exercise wisdom when choosing to believe it because it  could be your basis for ending the relationship. For singles, be brave and express yourself. You might feel very shy towards the person you like or have a fear of being rejected but hey, as the old saying goes, a life lived in fear is half-lived.

Money & Career- Seize every opportunity that comes your way. You are currently at your career’s turning point so you have to make a decision. This is definitely not the time to be indecisive. In terms of money, there is no need to fret about your expenses as long as they are necessary for a decent living.

Health & Wellness- When the Judgement tarot card is drawn in its reverse your health is likely to have been compromised. Interestingly, this health issue may be due to a pessimistic or anxious attitude and nothing more. If you will not let go of your pessimistic outlook in life you can expect your recovery to be difficult. Secondarily, accepting the changes happening in your life (especially if they are beyond your control) will help reduce your stress. Excess stress can greatly aggravate your health condition. This is a card of change and change there will be whether you want it or not. It’s best to get in front of it.

Spirituality- The Judgement tarot card highlights a refusal to accept change and life lessons. If you failed to get the message the universe wants to teach you things may happen over and over again until you are able to grasp the lesson. Do you feel like you’re on a spiritual treadmill? This is why. Be open to receiving the lesson and making peace with the fact that changes, while uncomfortable, are opportunities for growth and new possibilities.

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