Four Of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Four of Pentacles tarot card shows the image of a man sitting on a chair while a city can be seen far behind him. He has two pentacles under each of his feet, one is clasped in a protective way against his chest, and one floats above his head and appears to be connected to his crown. He is dressed in regal robes and is obviously a wealthy person. His face is showing signs of distrust and unhappiness and there are bags beneath his eyes.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings- Self-obsession, financial security, hoarding, ownership, control, possession, greed, and isolation.

The Four of Pentacles is a card of material wealth, accumulation, and the inability to find happiness in all that money. While wealth can bring financial freedom in some cases, as this card points out, you are unable to enjoy that freedom and the money in fact becomes a prison. It isolates you because you’re looking at other people suspiciously, assuming they want to take it from you. You feel you worked so hard for it that you can’t let it go, whether to buy pleasure for yourself or to donate to charity. It’s the flip side of the coin that money solves all your problems… sometimes, it creates new ones.

The Four Of Pentacles Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Four Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings In A Reading

Love & Relationships- Emotionally, this card can mean that you have fears and anxieties in your relationship. Often these concerns revolve around the issue of control, and in a literal sense, financial control. Being with a person (or being a person who) exchanges financial security for loyalty is a shaky foundation to build a lasting relationship on. It breeds discontent, a power struggle, and even resentment if the person paying for everything doesn’t feel they are getting their money’s worth. For single people, the issue of self-protection can be inferred. To widen your dating circle try letting your guard down a little bit and not being suspicious that everyone has an ulterior motive.

Money & Career- The Four of Pentacles tarot card shows great financial success. Whatever you’ve done whether it’s work long hours or getting into a lucrative field has worked out well for you and your finances are quite stable. That’s the good news. However, there remains an issue with your ability to separate work and pleasure. Perhaps you feel like you’ve not saved enough and you *have* to continue working insane hours or at a job you hate but that pays well. Maybe you’ve always thought once you had $xx.xx in the bank you’d feel relieved but that number has come and gone and you didn’t, so you keep saving, trying to find that peace of mind. Earning and saving money are you sole focus to the detriment of your relationships, hobbies, and even physical health and you may be suffering from burn out, isolation, depression, or anxiety due to it.

Health & Wellness- When drawn upright, the Four of Pentacles means you are likely experiencing some health issues related to the lifestyle you’re leading. This means issues such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, emotional eating, and even panic attacks are part of your life. Your stress about money, your workaholic tendencies, and your inability to let others take some of your burden feed your need to control. All that stress is accumulating and giving you physical problems. Working to let go of emotional baggage, learning to manage anxiety, and getting treatment for depression will all benefit your health and are within your control to do so.

Spirituality- In terms of spirituality, this card points to a need to control. Sometimes, when a technique is not working, you do it harder or more. It may be the disbelief that such techniques or progress aren’t working for you because they come from what you’ve always believe or a person you hold in high esteem. Instead, move your energy to a new channel, one where you release your grip on the way things “should be” or “have always been” and allow yourself to experience a transformation in your spiritual journey.

The Reversed Four Of Pentacles Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings Reversed- Hindrances, greed, opposition, delays, materialism, loss of money, relaxing control, generosity, freedom, and industriousness in planning for the future.

A reversed Four of Pentacles tarot card tells that you are now willing to let go. As the opposite meanings come into play there is actually a sense of relief and contentment as you realize the greater value of sharing your abundance, of allowing yourself to loosen your grip on your job and enjoy your downtime, and letting people be free to be themselves around you. Control might have felt good, but freedom feels even better and you’re lucky enough to get to experience it.

Love & Relationships- There is always fear in love but you have managed to keep this fear to a minimum and are trusting your partner more. The space you are giving them to be who they are, and likewise allowing yourself to be more relaxed, will make your relationship stronger. In the case you are single and looking for love, give yourself the freedom to get to know your suitors and do not be afraid to be your real self. You will only truly know people if you let them in, and likewise, they will only know the real you if you allow them to.

Money & Career- In terms of work, the Four of Pentacles when reversed can mean that you are worrying a lot about your career. It can mean you’re feeling anxious about planning for the future. You may also be concerned with consistently adding to your nest egg. Of course, the underlying theme to these feelings is the fear of losing the things you have worked so hard for.

Health & Wellness- In terms of physical health, this card can signal that you’re finally releasing negative energy and emotions. When the feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress have been with you so long they start to affect your physical well-being. At this point you’re find yourself able to release them because either at this stage the things you have always worried about are less important or because you’ve done the hard work in therapy in order to learn better skills. Enjoy your newfound energy and wholeness in your body!

Spirituality- For the spirit and the soul this inverted card emphasizes that the many hours you’ve put into your spiritual journey are paying off. You’re feeling more at home with your spirituality and have a much clearer view of what enlightenment means to you. Whether you meditate, pray, do yoga, chant, or practice other esoteric methods, the fact is you’re finding the results more rewarding than ever.

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